Something exciting happened! I got a little doohickie for my computer that allows me to directly load my pictures from the card. Due to the many ridiculous nuances of hair pullingly frustrating technology in my household, I have had to load the photos into a nearly terminal computer, not our almost reasonably functioning one I usually use, resulting in only being able to pull one or two photos up at a time.  But now, thanks to The Man for finally mentioning that you can get card readers that you plug into a USB port, you all get to enjoy a serious overload of random photographic imagery, much like a vacation slide show, but without the vacation or the slides.


I present: The Walk Downtown Over the River that is Experiencing a Minor Amount of Flooding with The Childs and Neighbor Boy.

 photo a087c472-00d2-4317-8185-1e2300cdb624.jpg

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As you may have heard or be unfortunately experiencing, a good deal of people were evacuated from their homes over the past few days in Alberta due to river flooding.  A couple hours south of here was hit the worst.  Our Red Deer river that runs a stone's throw away (if you pick up and re-throw your stone a dozen times) rose enough to cover some trails and turn a few backyards into popular kayaking spots, but overall the greatest danger to us was all the citizens racing down to the unstable river banks to have a look and rubbernecking while driving over bridges, almost causing traffic accidents.

 photo e2a6b55f-dac7-4da8-a726-a4443e3f6eee.jpg

One positive thing about the high river is it brought a lot of people out walking to try to see what was going on.  In a town full of drivers, it was nice to see people using their feet.

Including us.  The kids were more than happy to make the forty minute walk downtown if it meant they could go check out the river.  The walk is usually half that time, but when you've get to play pooh-sticks with entire trees, it can slow the travel time down considerably.

Plus, there is a whole lot of distractions.  This is boy child stroking the wheel of a jeep at a garage with whom he had a brief but intense love affair.  It ended abruptly when he realized that it was not, in fact, carrying missile launchers.

 photo 0e8db448-6355-48d2-ad41-b250c85cd544.jpg

Carbohydrates help with heart break.

 photo 661009ca-6f48-4aa3-ae71-d7465499b2c5.jpg

Our downtown has made some serious efforts to create a more pedestrian friendly atmosphere.  One favorite feature is the public piano, which has undergone a paint job for this year.  (Most of the walkways shown in the link are now underwater.  Sigh.)

 photo c36a894d-7923-4e31-9795-1b6ecd901c14.jpg

 photo e857c237-344a-4efe-bd06-81809d46395c.jpg

The distant look you see above in boy child's eye is because he is listening hard to what he is doing.   I think that he is a very talented and intentional maker of disjointed and random music. 

City hall park is another favorite spot downtown.  Once the Neighbor Boy got over his disappointment that that 'park' doesn't always mean 'playground', the kids played hide and seek until they were nearly dead from heat.

This is boy child counting.

 photo IMG_4309.jpg
 photo IMG_4310.jpg
 photo IMG_4312.jpg

And that is girl child choosing a brilliant hiding spot.  Honestly, it worked.  Took him forever to find her... might be time to get his eyes checked again?

We were extraordinarily pleased to introduce the public library to Neighbor Boy.  It didn't take him long to find his favorite subject and a comfy spot to peruse the material.

 photo bbb87d12-2ced-4518-9142-12c397ef44bf.jpg

My kids find it odd to meet children their age who have never been to the public library.  Given that they have pretty much grown up in libraries (that and coffee shops), they have a hard time comprehending what life would be like without books (and coffee).  As do I.  Would it be forward to start offering to take neighborhood kids down to the library once a week, do you think?  Would their parents mind, if I promised not to feed them caffeine?

 photo f8336606-31e9-4e7c-8b6e-36e38d2a3be2.jpg

And then home again on the bus.  With sour candies.  That was for my entertainment.

 photo ef370fc3-beda-48ab-b516-3328daa3a6b7.jpg

I have you've enjoyed my little picture show. I actually have quite a few of sewing projects I've been working on but haven't been able to share.  I will get them up soon too.  Until next time, adieu.

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  1. I am sad to admit that we didn't start using the library till my kiddo was about 2. I have no idea why it took me so long, as I remember hanging out at the library for long hours after (high) school. I loved it there, and almost flunked out of high school with all the non-required reading I was doing.

    Now we have 2 libraries that we visit weekly. It's so much fun, especially now that the kiddo is starting to learn how to navigate the library on her own.

    I think it's a great idea to offer to take the neighborhood kids to the library! And in this day and age, most kids tolerate caffeine better than I do.