tubbie time at the zoo

So its been, what, over two months since boy child turned five and I'm just now getting around to posting pictures of his trip to the zoo? Right now I'm considering myself a most excellent parental specimen since I am actually putting up photos, albeit a entire season late, rather than crying into a wine bottle, which is what I feel like doing right now, since it seems the older boy child gets, the more he reminds me of teenage me. And he's only five. What is he going to be like in ten years?

I digress.

We decided last year that instead of giving our kids a birthday party (because I am a crappy hostess and we loathe parties) that we would give them an outing of their choice. For his birthday in April, boy child chose to visit the Calgary Zoo. To see the dinosaurs.

If you are from around here, you will know that we have a world class dinosaur museum very close to the Calgary Zoo. The Calgary Zoo is also a world class institution, but not for their plaster dinosaurs.  I think it has something to do with live animals but it might actually be the playground, which is also pretty rockin'.

Bringing all of this to boy child's attention proved fruitless and merely reinforced my belief that the rationale of children should never be questioned. You can go with it or enforce a time out, but never, ever ask why.

So, to the zoo we did go.  To see dinosaurs.

 photo 4b746fe0-029a-4b1b-888d-853a55a55709.jpg

And touch them.

 photo c0705754-0090-49e4-b43a-c1e3196cfe7d.jpg

And... wait...

 photo c14105ed-283c-4366-810f-35c1b2019382.jpg

Ha.  Oops.  And because we're all science-y and stuff, boy child had to get underneath to check to see if they were boy dinos or girl dinos.

 photo 28dfc775-0c73-49d5-b71f-fb318350352f.jpg

It seems all the dinosaurs at the Calgary Zoo are girls.

 photo 27daf60e-911f-42dd-ac58-92e703943cf9.jpg

I just thought of why the Calgary Zoo is famous - or should be.  It's their endearing and hilarious signs made by people who have never met nor were ever children.

 photo 07489cee-ff0a-43b7-990b-bb89a1387778.jpg

This is what the childs think about the zoo's signs:

 photo aaf25a4e-f7fa-40a0-987d-b4a2ecb567f1.jpg

This is also what the childs think about the zoo's signs:

 photo 255b17b9-5b35-4cac-b0ac-ee00b5e48ecc.jpg

Just so's you know, I yelled at them immediately after taking their picture.

This is my favorite sign:

 photo ea0105d8-b238-420e-be44-73bcd53279d9.jpg

Somewhere along the way we realized that we made a collective family fashion gaffe and came dressed as the Teletubbies.  Again.

 photo 8657a1a9-0fb7-4702-9af2-00651be33d7d.jpg

Although I did have a great time referring to The Man as 'Tinky Winky' and getting him to hold my purse, I was truly grateful when the sun came out and we could strip off our jackets.

Boy child, after some convincing, did allow us to actually see some animals.  Which were amazing.

 photo d0940716-08f4-47e8-816d-f4eba716d7dd.jpg

And adorable.

 photo e0977da3-db88-4bbc-a535-c6281ee3f937.jpg

And nobody we know was eaten.

 photo 94af9a6e-18dc-438a-8ef8-0d4214588e9c.jpg


 photo 4dfe8243-95f7-4722-93a6-2c317d931d54.jpg

Here's a funny thing.  All through the tours of the various animal enclosures, girl child was all ho-hum, not really interested.  Then she requested to see the butterfly and botanical gardens and, among the plants, she bloomed, so to speak.  From slumping ten feet behind us all day, rolling her eyes as all tweens must, she suddenly wants to pose for a picture with... a bromeliad?!

 photo 14f7cffa-4ee4-476c-8039-f7b16d96c3cb.jpg

She treated ferns like they were rock stars and insisted that she have her picture taken with no less than four different types of moss.

Then she stole my camera and took this picture:

 photo 1bb0c46f-2f2d-41c0-b403-220b00ddcb87.jpg

And this:

 photo 3b609355-ba7f-4624-8231-5de45dda6fed.jpg

And here:

 photo 83fdba1e-6b7d-455c-8eca-d955522b5b9d.jpg

And this:

 photo 69ca1a9e-1c44-40dd-8cac-4d9abbec4761.jpg

And about fifty thousand more photos of various plants before I could wrestle my camera back to record some of the more interesting elements. Like the signs!

 photo 22bb59e7-b00b-4752-b048-da257ddf58f4.jpg

Oh funny zoo signs, you're so deluded!

 photo 1771e69a-f412-4198-bf20-625858b744df.jpg

So the girl likes plants. 

 photo e5f4999c-eb9f-4d77-83fb-f4950cd23352.jpg

And the boy likes dinosaurs.

Apparently neither one really wants to see the zoo part of the zoo.  But girl child has already asked to visit the zoo again for her birthday.  

And now you know why I don't question the rationale of children.


  1. Thanks for sharing boy child's birthday. This is the second zoo post I've read in the last few days, makes me want to find out where our closest zoo is.

    In our house, it's imperative to know the gender of all the horses we happen to come across, alive or otherwise.

  2. I get the whole "stupid sign" thing with the dinosaurs, they probably just don't want you climbing to prevent injuries from falling, insurance thing. But the butterfly sign is to keep people from hurting the butterflies. I work at a zoo, believe me, I've seen people do some really crazy stuff, including plucking the peacocks tails, and in general just letting their kids chase and hit the birds (geese, ducks, peafowl). I know the signs don't work for those folks, but it may give otherwise responsible folks a moment to think about their impact on their surroundings.