at least other people are up to something interesting

I just spent what seemed like an eternity cleaning out my basement and hosting a garage sale.

Every single one of my childhood neurosis are set off by garage sales.  I have had panic attacks at the prospect of visiting a garage sale.  Having my own brought enough crazy out that I wore out my family and now they will have no sense of humour left for that midlife crisis I was planning for the next decade.

I won't waste either of our time with hashing out the details of the horror show, but since I have nothing creative to show from the past little bit, I will share with you the creativity of a others that I have enjoyed recently.

This first picture is lawn border of a house at the end of my street.  It is made from headstones. 

 photo 96b497bd-0ac9-42e0-aa1b-5359f26010bc.jpg

Why and how, I have yet to find the courage to ask.

This reminds me, I need to take some pictures of the house a little further up from this one adorned with animal skulls to show you.  I have considered going to knock on the door to ask if I could buy their house or, at least, take a little peek inside.  I bet it's amazing.  I only have two skulls outside my home (a horse and a cat).  I have skull envy.

Some sweet graffiti on a downtown dumpster. 

 photo 665a2c06-97a8-45de-b88f-9a8b51eb8f34.jpg

Thank you to public artists, please don't stop.

I've been listening to girl child memorize and practice the narrative from this video this week.  It's a little surreal to hear your eight year old go on about crotch unicorns and bad boys but overall, I believe it is an educational experience for her and all of her friends she has been performing for.  

 photo 037-1.jpg

And dear books, where would I be without you?  Whenever the dunging out of the spider infested basement got too much and the sorting of a decade's worth of fabric scraps threatened to crush my soul, I could find comfort in the fact that at least I didn't have to try to chop a path through the Poplova Forest with a dull machete and eat worms.  Instead, I could sit in my comfortable house, eat cookies and drink tea, and curse my good life.  I am grateful for this.


  1. I SO look forward to your musings. I wish we lived next door - although you would probably consider me boring. But I still wish.

  2. Sally, the house next to the skull house is for sale... if you are a forward planning type of person :D