Vintage Sally Stitch dress form

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I have a beautiful new friend.

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She's actually an old friend, given to me by my mother who spotted her at a garage sale a few years ago.  I believe she paid five dollars.  Then, she who is yet to be named, stayed with another friend for a few years.

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I've never used her.  But I'm excited to see what happens when I try.  It's going to be a job just to get her to the right size.

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First project up is to complete the rather time urgent enchantress costumes for the youth theatre.  I need to alter a jacket, a sleeveless slip, create a caplet, a shrug, and two skirts.  Oh, the bustle needs finishing touches also.    

I suppose making a cover should be the next thing I do.  Although I believe this dress form possesses a dilapidated sort of beauty just the way she is, to protect her from further damage and because I will never get all the dust out from the inside, a cover seems reasonable.

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Then, who knows? Maybe a little light draping?  If I can figure out what I'm doing.

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If you love dress forms but hate pinning, do not go here

If you know of some helpful online tutorials for getting started, please share.  

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  1. So very beautiful! Are you going to give her a name?