Friday afternoon tinkering and partying

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There are some days when I think, 'Damn, if I wasn't already homeschooling, I'd be sure I should doing it because it's super easy and I'm awesome at it!'

Okay, that doesn't happen very often.  Once in a blue moon.  But when it happens, it feels like magic.  Having a kid in school (boy child) and one at home (girl child) now, and having girl child go to school just as often as she has been home, I can tell you that both streams are equally labour intensive and both have their rewards.

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I love these days at home where everything seems to click.  The best ones are when they are both involved in their own self directed projects.  Today boy child took apart a wind up alarm clock and set himself up a tool box (aka, empty ice cream container). 

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Smootch has been planning a party for the past week.  Here she is putting her make up on just before the guests arrive (seven children between the ages of eight months and twelve years, plus a couple of their adult handlers).

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Here are the lemonade cups for the party.  Smootch figured that if she marked the bottoms of the jars we use for drinking glasses with nail polish, guests could identify their own cups among the crowd.

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Smootch was at it all day preparing signs, decorating and setting up tables.  It seems she may have a natural flair for party planning in addition to being a good hostess.  The only thing I offered to do was to put out snacks.  She did the rest.

Her introverted, anti-social parents want to know where this strange gregarious being came from?

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In case you are wondering, this is what face panting looks like:

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Happy weekend everyone!


  1. Fun! That is a very well painted face :0)

  2. seriously genesis children there. love the lemonade glass marking idea.
    love your blog thank you for all you come up with.

  3. I am right there with you on the anti-social introverted parents and the loves people extroverted child. If it weren't for the fact that we were the only ones in the birth center when she was born (and she looks just like me) I'd seriously question who she *really* came from.