This is normal. Right?

If I didn't know better, I'd be thinking that girl child, who drew this picture, might need a psychologist in her near future.

 photo 044da067-6ae1-42ed-bb6b-94b78071d370.jpg

But, knowing girl child, I happen to think that a Harry Potter bunny medusa is completely reasonable thing to draw.  Really.

Harry Potter monster because Smootch was drawing while I was reading out loud the part in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets where the monster was about to be revealed (frankly, the basilisk is a bit of a disappointment once you've got the bunny medusa fixed in your mind).

Each of the heads represents a different professor (bonus points to anyone who can identify each character).  Harry and Ron heads form the body (though I'm a little bit stumped, I admit, as to why).  My favorite head is the one to the far right, which has a bit of Margaret Thatcher illusion going on.)

Bunny ears because medusa and Easter are unbreakably tangled together since we were studying Greek mythology at Easter time this past year and once an Easter Bunny Medusa has been established in one's psyche, it never goes away again.

This is my normal and makes perfect logical sense.

 Can't wait to see what she makes of the Prisoner of Azkaban.


  1. I will go for the bonus points. From left (tail?) to right... dumbledore, quirrel, flitwick, mcgonnagle, snape, and sprout. Just a stab in the dark... at a medusa headed bunny... Love ron and harry in the bunny body... the wee basket, too. Ha!

  2. It seems to me that this should somehow be turned into a stuffed toy. I love it. She is so creative.

  3. Ann, I had to ask girl child because I didn't know and it turns out I lied - they aren't all professors.

    They are, from tail to right, Dumbledore, Lockhart, Snape, McGonnagle, Malfoy (sr), Moaning Mertle.

    Ruth, good idea!

  4. Ah, well... should've known Lockhart by his teeth and Myrtle by the tears. We have been reading those books since day one and still love them.