strawberry slippers

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Today I went through great aunt Adelaine's buttons, looking to finish off a pair of slippers for girl child, who seems to have entered her Harriet the Spy phase.

Aunt Adelaine's buttons come along with thirty to fifty years of grim and dust attached to them and always require a wash.

I wonder how I will clean the fibre ones, which are my favorites, when it comes time to press them into service? 

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The slippers were made using a pattern from Lena's Patterns.  I have used this pattern before to make Birdie's Goodnight Moon slippers.

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We actually have several surprise strawberry plants growing along the edge of our walkway and graveled driveway.  I'm trying to clear up the area a bit, move the gravel and children's feet away, to see if I can get them to survive long enough to bear fruit.  It would be brilliant to have even a couple of homegrown strawberries this year.

In the meantime, we are rich with dandelions, which the kids will never grow tired of picking and I will never figure out when the right time to pick the leaves for salad is.

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  1. I just love lena's slipper pattern! I've used it so many times now for myself, my friends, and even a boy pair for my son!

  2. I find that dandelion leaves are way too bitter for me to eat; the flowers, however, I make into marvelous jelly that tastes like honey and sunshine. Just google a recipe. So tasty, and it gives the kids something to do for an hour.

  3. You might want to try harvesting the leaves before the dandelions flower. I believe they get more bitter as they grow.

    The slippers are pretty!