Mr. Potter's new shorts

I managed to sneak a bit of time to make another pair of shorts for the boy child, using the same Ottobre pattern as the ones here.  Since the fit on the shorts was big enough, I used a summer weight suiting fabric instead of knit, and two way stretch jersey for the waistband and pocket edging. 

 photo cc5676d3-0aa0-4d9c-aff2-9978f20c1ef8.jpg

I finally convinced the boy to let me take photos of him wearing something I made for him.  He went off to get himself 'ready'.  When he came back, I experienced that familiar sense of frustration and amusement that accompanies so many of my interactions with this kid.  I would think that he was somehow missing the point as to why I wanted to take pictures, but, truly, he's a contrary beast and it's best to take what you can get from him and let the rest go.

If you look carefully, you can see the shorts poking out of the bottom his robes.

 photo 454ff254-4b87-41b0-86d2-9f754aee2c95.jpg

Obviously, Harry Potter mania has come to our home in a big way. 

His robes, just so you know, is girl child's Wednesday Addams jacket I made for her a couple years ago with the collar folded under with a cape thrown over top.

 photo 7b36f325-f959-4c24-bcfd-7ba6e7ef2fd8.jpg

After our photos, we made our nearly daily journey down to the library.  Boy child, usually shy, walked up to every adult he could find and announced, 'I'm Harry Potter!' in a clipped British accent.  The librarians, used to my kids showing up in everything from their pajamas to full face masks, rolled with it.  One librarian who has known us since she hosted girl child's baby story time, asked boy child to preform a spell.  It turns out the only one he knows is, 'Incendio!' which is to start a fire.  Not the best choice for the library.

 photo e81847a8-ee17-478e-972b-4210996eb874.jpg

A couple of thoughts I have from this whole experience. The first is: I am never, ever going to get my boy to pose nicely for me so I can show all you good people what I made.  I am probably the only one who is bummed out about this.

Second, I am eternally thankful to J. K. Rowling, Daniel Handler, Michael Buckley, and the thousands of other children's authors who create intelligent, scrupulous, intrepid, funny and interesting characters that inspire my children, feed their voracious imaginations and help them be the amazing people they are growing up to be.


  1. Oh my goodness, those two are so so so cute!

  2. I love the photo! I totally get the frustration. The rare instances where I actually make something for the kiddo that I want to take a photo of, she can't seem to sit still. Considering my photography skills are pretty limited, the fidgets really don't help.

    I agree about the authors. We are currently listening to book 2 of the Emily Windsnap series by Liz Kessler.