green dress : in two parts

Part One : The Dress

"Is that red velvet?  Real velvet?"

This is the first thing girl child said to me this morning, as I was working on the sash for her new dress.

"Can I touch it?!"

Yup, really real red velvet.  Girl child has a love for velvet for the way it feels.  It follows that she completely loathes more affordable velveteen.  Absolutely beyond my regular means, but I acquired two and a half meters of this vintage fabric as a trade for some chauffeur work.

 photo 0c6e78e5-efc7-47d1-96fc-9615634e2c95.jpg

Though they are but a few meters, I have some really lovely fabrics that I can't seem to bring myself to cut into.  I am either waiting for the perfect design or really don't want to ruin it in a sewing mishap.  The red velvet is one that I have been afraid to cut - it feels so divine - but really do want to make a hooded jacket for the girl.

I decided to make a little cut, just enough for a sash, to get over my hesitation.  

 photo 91b8b35a-7a03-4c6c-b3ac-81212c461a56.jpg

 photo de613627-14e7-4a82-adcd-5c52e91df4de.jpg

This cotton print was sent to me from a reader in Japan a few years ago.  I have been sitting on it, unsure how to use the pretty fabric.  I didn't want to botch it.  Having shifted it a hundred times to get at lesser fabric in my stash, I decided it was time to get over myself.

I'm happy I did.  I love this little number, twirly and flowery for the summer, and, if all goes well, we'll put a blouse under it and call it a winter holiday dress too. 

Girl child is also happy I did. 

 photo 4768c7a7-36f2-4c5f-96c1-df10a8f87afc.jpg

 photo 94cb9524-1ae7-4a41-80d2-188e024a6824.jpg

The dress pattern used is a modified Chopin (28) from Ottobre, Summer 3/2010.  I'd like to take a moment to let you know that I completely nailed the zipper.  Really, it's a work of art. 

Part Two : The Photo Shoot

But I won't be able to show you any zipper close ups.  While taking photos, we fell victim to the little brother photo bomb. Behold.

Here is girl child.  Posing.

 photo 045.jpg

And here is the boy child.  Doing his best to mock us and our silly, girlie photo shoot.

 photo 048.jpg

 photo 049-1.jpg

 photo 050.jpg

Girl child tries to move boy child out of the frame.

 photo 052-1.jpg

 photo 053.jpg

But that doesn't work well. 

 photo 054.jpg

 photo 055.jpg

If first you don't succeed, try try again.

 photo 056.jpg

Boy child is thrilled with all the free rides.

 photo 057.jpg

This time she tries pushing him out with a booty block.

 photo 058.jpg

Which he counters by getting right in front of her and sticking his arse up at me.

 photo 059-1.jpg

But here's the classy bit.  Girl child figures out that she probably won't win this one, so she just accepts and works with it.

Girl child and boy child.  Posing. 

 photo 060.jpg


  1. I love fabric but I hate cutting it because i am so scared to mess it up. Beautiful sash

  2. Awesome photo shoot! The dress is beautiful as well :0)

    I also have a few fabrics in my stash that I haven't cut into yet for the same reasons.

  3. Oh so sweet, both the dress and your kids.

    The girl child suddenly looks all grown up, I have seen her from your first set of tutorial days from craftster and after a long time seeing her in your outfit post, I am stunned. Girls sure grow up fast,dont they?!, my little girl is growing up fast too, god bless!

    Adithis amma sews

  4. Girl child is a beautiful young lady!! When did that happen? But we can still see how much she loves her little brother - so heart warming.

  5. Those two are so funny!
    Bravo on sewing with velvet.
    I have a fair few pieces from the opshop which I am much too scared to cut. One day they will be capes...

  6. Beautiful dress and fun pictures :-)The post makes me look forward to summer...

  7. She is so gorgeous! I remember when she was just a round-cheeked little thing. Awww.

    And I'm totally loving that dress too; design and fabric. I want it in my size.

  8. that is so beautiful.. the dress with REAL velvet sash.. gorgeous.

    and your daughter is just adorable.. love that you chose to include pictures of them having a LOT of fun, posing for pictures. you are blessed, charrity. fantastic job!