micro blocks

Have you seen these silly little things?

 photo 68ec62fb-b007-442e-960d-8de78dec792f.jpg

Today was a long day of short fuses. 

Micro building block puzzles designed for older children did not help.

 photo 6d791bb4-c0cc-45df-b486-1d87cd0fec77.jpg

Still we waddled through.  Turns out a seam ripper is really handy when you need to pull a tiny little misplaced block off of another.

 photo 701c9b97-31c7-4a84-bf23-9bc404b79519.jpg

I am about to enter a weekend long sewing marathon.  After these little creatures, I'm sure it'll seem easy peasy.

1 comment:

  1. Oh golly.
    The regular bricks are hard enough to prise apart. No I have never seen those little tiny ones.
    Good idea to use a stitch ripper.