costume vault

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Today I was more worker bee than tourist and failed to get many pictures of the costume vault.  I am learning a whole new way of sewing.  It is a topsy-turvy world where sequins are king and the stitching doesn't matter so much. 

Costuming for amateur theatre could drive a persnickety seamstress insane. 

I am not a persnickety seamstress. 

I am embracing the idea the shinier, the better and that the best way to judge what is appropriate for theatre lights is to stand back twenty feet and cross your eyes just enough to make

I was asked by the costume mistress if I had any ideas of how to make some peasant blouse style shirts for some bird characters. 

I had a little chortle. 

She offered to find me a pattern. 

I said no thank you, I think I can handle this one on my own.

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  1. That sounds like so much fun! I love costume design! Totally jealous.

  2. Fun! I think you are the natural choice for this project :)

  3. I love the misunderstood chortle!