the time was nigh

And then it happened.

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Other than giving her a few bare bones instructions, girl child hopped up to the sewing machine for the first time and, with the pedal elevated on a stepping stool, she took off machine sewing like she'd been doing it for forty years. 

When I mentioned how impressed I was at how quickly she caught onto machine sewing, girl child said, 'Of course, mom! I've been, like, tripping over sewing machines everywhere I've lived my whole life!'

Have I mentioned girl child is, like, a bit dramatic and stuff?  I think she may also be prematurely teen-agering. 

But, hey, she sews!  Or she is beginning to.  By the time she hits twelve and becomes all angst-full and histrionic, she can go sew her feelings into something dark and cloak-like by which to express her rejection of my oppressive rule.  Of course, after telling me how much she hates me, she'll probably ask me to drive her to the fabric store.   


  1. hi, long-time follower, first time commenting because this is ohhh so tugging at my heartstrings.. what a proud moment. and you have captured the perfect sarcasm and drama of the pre-teen-agering ... that is going on in my house too!!

    LOL at the last paragraph. just beautiful wordcrafting!

    ((hugs))charity, that is such a proud moment. congratulations!!

  2. aaww. my 4 year old apparently wants a sewing machine for her birthday. i have all kinds of visions of needles and fingers! i have said she can have one when she is 7. how old is girlchild?

  3. Jaya, thanks, I'm, like, blushing!

    SLT, girl child is 8. I am a fan of delayed learning. I like to wait until the child stops asking to be taught and just starts doing it herself. It sounds flippant when I write it but it's actually what I do with this child who has a streak of perfectionism as long as the day. We need to wait until she's old enough to MASTER something, otherwise she'll be mortally discouraged. Works for us :)

  4. Such a small insignificant mile-stone to some, but such a big one in a crafty family! Congrats!

    We recently went through a major hand sewing spree at our house. One night before bed, my girl child asked if we could do some hand sewing the next day. She wanted to make a doll. I think it's one of the only times I've paid for a pattern (most times I just wing it). She hand sewed for 3 days straight (while listening to audio books). She still will pick up and work on a felt horse here and there. It always makes my heart sing a bit to see her making.

    Your comment about the delayed learning caused a light bulb to go off over my head. I have the same perfectionism problems with my kiddo. Now I have a better idea of how to handle them. Thanks!

  5. Lol-ing! I can so relate - both to the premature teenagering & the perfectionism rampant in my children!

  6. My little girl is only 4, but I wish she will start machine sewing as far and as half well as yours!! Say well done from Spain to her!!