updates from the home front

I feel like I should be reporting this post like the radio operator on the battle front.

keerrhtt  ...losing domestic front, furnace blown a hose kerrrhtt second laptop down, Internet access sketchy kerrhttt tea and coffee supplies low keerrhtt clutter ate the studio table keerhtt home school facilitator due any moment keerrhtt snickerdoodle supplies depleted, repeat: we are out of snickerdoodles!! MaydayMayday! kerrrhtttttttttt

I'm going to look at some tulle selvages to calm me down now.

 photo 6e46961f-bb32-433d-9b32-6da4d3baa0a7.jpg

Some bright sides.  The library is open and there is lots of good stuff to read.  Girl child and I manged to put together this doll before the sewing table was buried under an avalanche.  She was a gift for girl child's 'secret pal' for her theatre group.  She is actually in costume as a 'seed dancer' who part of a ballet ensemble for her show that ended a few weeks ago.  The tulle above was used to make nine circle skirts for the seed dancers.  The doll's dress is different out of necessity, I only had a few scraps left, but I like the leaf-y look for her apple seed/blossom costume.

 photo 084e9d3f-c637-41ca-bcac-68492cb20e2b.jpg

Our home school plan is due and, though I know what we're doing, it's sometimes hard to describe unschooling without using the phrase 'unschooling'.  The Man in particular gets a little confused when trying to describe our education medium and last night I decided to help him out:

"Repeat after me: 'Project-based, interest-led home learning'."  Explains it all, right?

 photo 2a5a651a-0540-4879-bbd5-54ab37a324b5.jpg

I can hear my computer fan kicking into overdrive, which is a sign it's about to blink out on me.  (This is the old computer with the missing keys and narcolepsy, which was the new one after boy child gave the laptop a bath, and the new new computer, that I have used for almost a year now, is on death row with some sort of virus that kills the ability to restore the system from an earlier date, which is too bad because I had just organized my bookmarks).

I will have to sign off, but before I go, I have a picture of girl child's award for an above and beyond performance on stage.  I am so proud of her.  She took her little bit parts in this and that chorus and poured so much of her awesomeness into them that she shone on stage like a star. 

This is girl child's 'sassy spark' award.    

 photo ef925347-0f3e-499b-8729-de916c07b4b6.jpg

She absolutely can not wait until the next round of auditions - she has something extra sassy and sparkly planned. 


  1. It sucks being so dependent on technology. Our MP3 player died the day before a 6 hour (round trip) car ride we had planned. We try not to purchase items on the spur of the moment, but seeing as we would be in a town with a BestBuy, we decided to replace the MP3 player with a Smasung Galaxy Tablet. We NEED something to listen to audio books on. Seeing as I will be taking on-line classes soon, that means my laptop is not going to be available for that use. At least the tablet provides some educational apps for the kiddo as well as the much needed audio books.

    That award is awesome! Great job Smooch :0)

  2. I love your definition of unschooling. I quoted your words of wisdom in my blog. I am transitioning from part-time homeschooling to part-time unschooling. The other part is Montessori classroom time.