Roller derby auction doll

Hey, lookit!  I managed to sew something that wasn't for girl child's theatre group!  Of course, it also wasn't for me, but that's okay.  This little doll is for a good cause: roller derby.

 photo 29b93527-10df-44f7-bdee-c10959b00fe9.jpg

My derby mates are hosting a beer and burger fundraiser this weekend for travel costs and will be holding a silent auction.  I was flattered that they'd accept one of my handmade dolls for the auction.  Hopefully someone will bid lots o' monies and roller derby will happen in far flung places such as Armstrong, BC, where the team will be travelling to in just two weeks.

 photo 2d6a2473-a7b4-4745-b07f-a8da99cb2d02.jpg

As of yet, this doll does not have a derby name although a few suggestions have been made.  I am about as good at derby names as I am at post titles so I will leave it up to someone else to name her. 

Some specs for y'all.  This roller doll is based on the pattern I used to create Girl Child's little me (a la Neil Gaimen's Coraline), Corpse Bride doll and Timber doll.  Buttons secure the arms for posability.   She is about 14" high with acrylic/wool blended yarn hair.

My favorite bit of this (unnamed) doll is her hair.  I have this great need to bleach out my own hair now, though, I realize that would be a big mistake (thank goodness I am way to lazy to make rash hair changes anyway).  I wish I was better at bows though.  One of those underrated skills I have yet to develop.

 photo 229e9983-487b-4aad-a879-c3b6633b57dd.jpg

The skirt is a tiny bit of scrap tulle left over from a dress I made Girl Child eons ago, with a wee bit of lace ribbon for embellishment.  Apparently, it is very scratchy, but I don't suppose the doll will mind much.  Girl Child made the bracelet to match.  Stockings are painted on.  The roller skates are leather with bead wheels, purple laces and too adorable.

 photo 1d090363-708c-4452-848b-8e365d2d63e9.jpg

(The Man has pointed out way too many times that the skates lack toe stops but the simple fact is, this skater is wearing speed skates which do not come equiped with toe stops.  And that is that.)

If you happen to be in my area, you can come down to the Nightshades Beer and Burger night and bid on this yet unnamed roller doll.  If you happen to be in Armstrong BC, you should come out and watch some derby March 23.  If you aren't here or there, you should go watch some derby right now (hey, here is some derby and these guys film a great bout).  Because roller derby is kind of awesome.


  1. That doll is amazingly beautiful!! Wonderful work!

  2. Roller Derby is VERY awesome (I have a bout on the 23rd too!) and this doll is too adorable! Regardless of toe stops, those are some adorable skates! :)

  3. Love her! We are re-listening to Coraline right now! I love the idea of making the kiddo a doll to go with it, but my to-make list is slightly ridiculous at the moment with only 3 weeks to get most of it done. All self-imposed, but still.

    Of to check out some of the links from the post (though I should be pulling out the sewing machine).

    Thanks for the book and crafting inspiration!