Thanks all for the suggestions about what to do about boy child's little artcapade on the kitty doll.  As it was, since kitty is actually a rollercat, a stripey set of socks worked well.  I just had to go dark with the socks.  I like them, anyway.  What do you think?


(The sun popped out briefly today so I could take at least one super drama shot, with the shadow and all.  Thanks sun!  Wish you could of stayed longer.)

The pattern is from the Wee Wonderfuls book.  I cut out the pattern and then had to return it to the library so there may be some variations on the placement of random bits, like ears and eyes, but I make a couple of purposeful changes.

The first is to attach the arms with buttons so that they move.  I am particularly pleased with this one as the arms will stay in any position they are placed.


(Nekkid cat.)

The tail isn't nearly as blobby as it appears in the above picture, but I did under stuff it so that it wouldn't be too heavy. 


The other thing that is above and beyond the pattern is kitty's roller skates.  I would of never thought that this particular style of foot (or non-foot) would lend itself well to trying to skates, but as The Man said, they turned out stupidly adorable.


It does appear like she's tip toeing along on her toe stops.  Not a terrible skill to have.

This kitty is going to a derby friend's friend's daughter.  I hope very much they get along.  


I am making another kitty, of course, partly due to my obsession with animals in clothing, and this pattern includes a lovely little dress, but also because both children have requested one.  It was extremely difficult keeping their grubby little hands off of kitty during her time on my studio table. 

Anyone else make up one of these little kitties?