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Girl child was home from school with a sinus infection earlier this week.  During the afternoon, when the boy goes to his preschool class, I insisted that we have a quiet time so that I could do a little sewing and reading, as is my habit, and girl child could rest. 

I have a vague recollection, while ripping out a seam or trying to figure out a complicated curve, of girl child asking to borrow my camera so she could do a 'photoshoot'. 

Yup, sure, no problems, stay out of my hair.

These are pictures I found on my camera.

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They are of an owl pillow I made as a demo for a small crafting get together a couple months ago.  Judging by the look of it, I'd say she actually just pulled it out from underneath one of the cats, who love to lay on it.  She has a back drop (bed cover) and used something to prop up the pillow into the light.  Steady hand to have the picture relatively unblurry in low indirect winter lighting. 

Other than the layer of cat hair, I'd say she's got the basics down fairly well.  As well as I do, anyway.  I can't say I'd do any better.  Now I wish I was a better photographer not just for myself and for you, dear reader, but so that I could teach her more.

It's amazing how much kids absorb just by watching.  I always think a little benign neglect is a good thing for kids.  Gives them a chance to figure things out for themselves.  For instance, girl child has learned to read quickly and filter out irrelevant information on the computer by looking over my shoulder as I quickly scroll through Facebook.  She's also figured out that the faster I scroll, the more inappropriate, hence interesting, text on screen.  My eight year old speed reader.

This is my favorite picture:

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This one is a story.

I take it back, she is not just as good as me, I think she is actually better. 

*** P.S. - Before anyone gives me a hard time about the non-word post title, you have to know two things.  First, I am terrible at coming up with post titles.  It causes me a great deal of anxiety and it's always wrong.  Second, I make up a word almost every post I write.  Sometimes I'm aware the word I am using is not really real, other times, not so much. 

I've decided to accept, nay, embrace both my issues - sucky titles and imaginary words - by calling the blog post whatever the first non-word is that spell check locates. 

This is an empowering solution.  I think.

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  1. Brilliant. I have given my 7 year old my old point-and-shoot camera to do just that with. I love seeing what she comes up with.
    Oh- and I totally suck at coming up with post titles too. I really haven't met (even virtually) anyone that has a knack for it.
    My current post title is "Making Whoopie".
    Cause I just couldn't think of another for my GF whoopie pie recipe post.
    PS- LOVE the owl.