kitty tattoo

Page 372 in Wildwood by Colin Meloy, illustrated by by Carson Ellis.  More clothes on animals than you can shake a scythe at.  Girl child's bear in dress peeking in behind on the chalkboard. 

Boy child comes up to me yesterday and wants to tell me a secret. Whispering in my ear, he told me he drew in pen on the kitty I'm making.

I go to look and sure enough.


There it is.



I asked boy child what he was thinking and he told me his brain just went bonkers.  Honestly, I can relate, so after his time out we just sort of dropped it.  Though, I keep a close watch on him now whenever he is close to my studio table.

I have since discovered that pen bleeds through acrylic paint and, strangely, becomes even more visible.  Sigh, again.


  1. Maybe kitty just wanted some tights and this was the only way she could speak to you? ;)

  2. Maybe a fabric bandaid to cover Kitty's boo-boo?

  3. Maybe kitty could have some black spots sewn on!

  4. It must be January. In the past week Wub came into the den holding a wet paper towel and a very guilty look..."Mommy I accidentally wrote on the door...with Sharpie."

    Then we picked her up from the sitters where she had "accidentally" snipped a hole in her jeans with safety scissors.

    Being trapped inside is making everyones brain bonker.

  5. Pen ink can usually be removed from fabric. I have successfully removed ball point, gel pen and sharpie ink. I'd suggest googling it to find the best method for whatever kind of ink is on your cat but your best bet is probably wetting it with either isopropyl (sp?) alcohol or cheap hairspray and then blotting it with a paper towel or napkin. Repeat until the stain is gone. Kind of a headache but usually works quite well.