flat front pants

I'm all excited here.  Birdie is transitioning from diapers to undies!  You know what the means, don't you?  New pants! 

I adore making pants.  I find it relaxing, in the same way other people like to do dishes or knit.  It's an activity I don't have to think too hard about, just do the steps and feel that sense of accomplishment when I'm done.

Perhaps I'm not challenging myself enough, sewing pants.  I usually deconstruct the pattern and process as much as possible, make as few seams as I can get away with.  And I don't like to cut out more than two pieces.  This makes for some plain pants, sure, no funky waistbands or complicated pockets (this girl will never be making carpenter pants, sorry), but I'm okay with saving all the drama for the top.

I try not to feel betrayed by the fact that Smootch hardly ever wears pants.  In fact, since I broke down and bought her six pairs of leggings to wear under dresses this past winter, she doesn't wear pants at all.  Ever.

But Birdie, well, if he can't be naked, he's still okay with pants.  Particularly if they have an elastic waist, dropped to his hips, and long enough to step on.  I'm not entirely sure why he likes them super long.  Perhaps it's because he has such long legs and he feels he's spent way too much time of his short life already walking around with his ankles showing?  Or maybe it's because he likes to wear heels.

What ever it is, I'm happy to oblige.

Since I'm getting to make up a bunch of new bottoms, I've decided it's time to learn something new.  I've become interested in flat front pants.  My dear friend had asked me if I had any patterns or knew of any tutorials and I came up with this pattern after searching the free pants post on Craft Stew.  You should definitely check out Craft Stew, lots of links to free patterns there.

I'm not sure if my friend has made up a pair yet for her boy, but I couldn't stand by and let her have all the fun.

Here is Birdie's pair of Flat Front Pants from Whole Grain Baby:


I adore this pattern, so very nice to put together.  Unfortunately, the child the pattern was made for has a different shape than my guy, so the fit was fairly large on him.  Particularly since Birdie's not wearing the diapers.  I did add some length, to fit Birdie's super long legs, but I didn't adjust the waist or legs for a thinner child.  Oops.

My boy just doesn't have the gut to keep them up.  In fact, looking at them from all angles, I should be making this boy flat back pants instead.


So, onwards.  I was thinking I had enough grip on the flat front pant concept now to have a go at it myself with my own pattern. 

Keeping in line with my minimalist preference, I managed to come up with a design that eliminates the need for a separate waistband.  Only two pattern pieces to cut.

My first go turned out a bit slim on the boy, but I'm happy with the overall design. 


A few adjustments and I think it'll be about right.  Tonight, after the children are sleeping (Bed Time is the Best Time!), I'm going to have another go with some linen I've been holding on to for too long.


Thanks to Whole Grain Baby and Craft Stew for sharing!


  1. That last pair of pants look awesome! My daughter refuses to wear jeans (or any pants with a bulky waist and button/zipper closure) and I am not always crazy about the legging type pants. I might have to give these a try for her.


  2. Awesome pants and how much does Birdie look like Smootch these days :-o

  3. dana at Made is doing a running pants theme during Celebrate the Boy this month, and shes already done a tute for flat front pants. you should check it out!

  4. There are people who like to do dishes? To relax?!

    I'm sorry, got distracted there for a second. Pants look great! We potty trained our girl just before she turned two, and it's frustrating that pants still don't fit her right. At first the cloth diaper butt was too big, and now the pantied butt is too little... I'm putting her in dresses this summer.

  5. aahh well done little man for wearing pants! and what fab pants they are too!

  6. We recently had this epic adventure, too! We use cloth diapers, so RTW pants were always too small. Now that my 3 year old is potty trained everything falls off him. He has an 18" waist and a 18.5" hip. He fits 12 month pants.

    Your pants look great! And Birdie seems to be enjoying them quite a bit.

  7. Those are awesome.

    I have an idea...why don't you just make some pants for my help you relax. I'll even supply the fabric. lol

    Can help but notice all the photo shoots are on the bed. Love it.

    Anita...drinking tea and thinking of you.

  8. I love making pants for my skinny minnies, too, especially cozy lounging pants. Not so enjoyable making pants for my not-so-skinny-minny-self though!

  9. Thanks for the pants info! I was on my way to the store for a pattern and found this instead. yay! Quick question...What is that cool measuring thingy in the picture. I think I need one!

  10. Thanks all!

    Anita, they've moved from only agreeing to pose if I give them chocolate to agreeing to pose only if they can bounce.

    Jessie, the cool measuring thingy is a curve (or French) square. Very handy for pattern modification and making. You can find them in your sewing shop's notion section.

    Sarah, I love Dana's stuff. Thanks for sharing!