Witch: Stay Out!


You know, sometimes being a slacker mama is a good thing. I feel that Smootch's vast creativity is in part due to my benign negligence and absolute cheapness. I like to call it eco-consciousness or ethical consumption or unschooling or gentle parenting or confidence building or arts and crafts, but what is really is is that I am big on ideas and values but very limited in time and energy.

I know I look like a lame duck mama when the girl is trying to gather up paraphernalia for her Halloween witch dress up and I, while whole heartedly supporting her endeavors, still refuse to buy her the "witch's broom" made from a bamboo pole and willow twigs for a buck fifty at the Loonie Store. Instead, I mutter those infamous words, "we can make that ourselves."

(An aside about the witch costume: Smootch has been getting into character for a week already. She calls her brother 'sister' [as in the sisterhood of witches, looks like she's gone past the gender rigidity stage], she has perfected her blood curdling cackle, and she has boiled hundreds of ants, slugs, and small tasty children into potions that cause the drinker to immediately fall in love with any goats in the vicinity. Just a warning in case you happen to be in my neighborhood and either are a small child or are offered a drink by one.)

So, yes, we can make a witch's broom from a stick and the millions of fallen willow twigs outside out door. But, I meant, we can make it sometime this week, or next. Definitely before the end of the month. Hopefully.

Me = busy.

Smootch, knowing once I declare something we can make ourselves it is pretty much inaccessible for purchase (its a pride thing), and knowing even more that when I say we'll do something, 'when we find the time', that the project more than likely falls into a dark, airless vortex, where her quilt and a princess dress and a hundred other things I haven't gotten around to yet go to die a quiet, unacknowledged death.

Smootch = fed-up self sufficient.


Fine, then. 

Who needs mama, anyway? 

She just do it herself. 

With what she has one hand.


There is always lots of cardboard and hockey tape at my house.  Tons of sticks, laying about.

And look at that. She's airborne.


(It makes me both worried and relieved that my best parenting moves are made by accident. I should start pretending like I meant to do it all along.)


  1. A little bit in awe of the wonder that is Smootch. Go, you.

  2. Best parenting technique ever. I call what I do laissez faire parenting, but I think you have me beat. :/ And your little girl and her broom have me floored.

  3. Great broom; great post. :-)

  4. Lovin' the broom. That reminds me, I have been promising gnome puppets for some time now I really need to get on that.

  5. OK, don't feel alone! I do the exact same thing...sometimes I wonder if its really 'worth' making it myself, but then I go back to the whole 'if-I-can-do-it-myself-why-pay-someone-else' mentality. And of course, it always takes a while, or a lot of nagging, to get it made!

  6. Brilliant (both your technique and your little girl)!
    I find that my second child (the one I take your approach to parenting with, because that is how life is) is much more self-sufficient and creative than my older daughter (who I was much more intentional with).
    Not bad. Not bad at all!

  7. Awesome! And fall looks beautiful at your house!

  8. That's unschooling in a nutshell! Keep trusting.

  9. sometimes not giving into their every whim makes them more aware of what they can accomplish on their own. i love to see what solutions mine come up with, when i pause just a bit. :)

  10. HAHA! Love your parenting description! The picture of her holding her sign is CLASSIC....and what an AWESOME job she did on the broom!!!