me vs. mine

Smootch was telling me that when boys grow up they become men.  And when girls grow up they become people.


When I was a child, it was assumed that children and adults are intrinsically different and natural enemies.  All children knew that adults were befuddled idiots at best and, more likely, viciously tyrannical.  All adults knew that the children couldn't be trusted; give the kid an inch and they'll knock you down and swipe your Visa card on the way out.

Don't believe me?  I grew up in the '80s.  Try a small sampling of conventional wisdom through popular films.  In The Breakfast Club, the weird chickie says, "When you get grow up, your heart dies."  The principal in Ferris Bueller's Day Off, who is actually hunting Ferris in the movie, says, "I did not achieve this position in life by having some snot-nosed punk leave my cheese out in the wind."

Don't talk to me about Children of the Corn.

With this in mind, you can believe me when I say that my biggest parenting challenge is trust.

Trusting her.

And trusting me.

I work very hard at both.

So, when I ask Smootch if she'll pose for me so I can get a few good pictures to demonstrate the new bloomer pattern - a routine we are both getting overly familiar with - and she says, 'Hey, let's take photos of the new bloomers while I'm swinging,' I think, ookkayy, maybe she's onto something. 

I trust she believes this will produce some good pictures for the pattern cover.

 Or, maybe, the kid doesn't give a rat's tuckus about my photos and knows what buttons of mine to push in order to skip the work and get straight to the fun stuff.

Just a thought.


  1. I loved your post tonight. I love the bloomers. I thought there was such truth in what you said about trusting each other. Having kids is such a challenge.

  2. Great post!! LOVE Smootch's quote about girls and boys growing up. TOO CUTE!

  3. You forgot Footloose. That proves your point too. The kids in that movie were super-bad. Love the bloomers and the shots. Good idea Smooch.

  4. Goonies: kids vs. corporate interests AND bank robbers.

  5. Whahahaha...Who knows! But from what I can see the bloomers are adorable and so is Smootch!

  6. Heh heh heh. Those are some hilarious photos. By coincidence my two just did the exact same thing to me yesterday, while I was trying to get pics of some of our hats.
    Little rotters!

    Oh, and we tried your vinegar and baking soda balloon trick. It was AWESOME! Thanks!

  7. You may not have a perfect view of the bloomers and their details, but the pictures are great!

  8. I love that Breakfast Club quote. I laughed when I was 18. But I realize now, your heart doesn't die, but you get better at forcing it away when you want. Thank you for being such a good parent and appreciating what the young have to offer. It is refreshing.