yarn creatures

I've recently had the coolest experience. Not only did I get to see some creative works based on a tutorial I've posted here on Indietutes - almost no one I know in the 3D world actually makes my patterns or tutorials so it blew me away a bit - but they were made by the children of a treasured long time friend that I now, with my latest relocation, have the pleasure of seeing on almost daily basis. We have known each other since a time when we not only couldn't even imagine having children, but really couldn't see past the end of the night. She was my art buddy and my party friend. Now we're all grown up and think ourselves very mature and whatnot. Drinking tea, crafting with our children, and tech talking about sergers.

I love it.

So, not only did this lovely lady and her crew make something from this site, but, I'm almost sure by the casual presentation, they didn't even make them as a favor to me.

And even better, to my absolute joy, the original craft was expanded upon and ventured beyond.

It is my highest hope that the projects on this blog be seen as the beginnings of possibility, not as complete endeavors presented for replication. Tutorials are merely launching points. And there is nothing better than to see how deep a creative dive will go.

I feel blessed to have seen and touched it in person.

Thank you old friend. My house for tea tomorrow?


  1. so very great!! And so jealous of a craft tea loving person so close! drink up!

  2. I'm so touched by your comments...I almost cried! We'd love to come for tea.