passing by

Just a quick stop by today to say hello to y'all and thank you very much for your comments and messages I've been receiving this week. I love love love hearing about your projects and visiting blogs and am constantly blown away by all the smart and funny things I read about. Thank you thank you thank you!

I'll also officially say, though you probably have already figured it out, I've got nothing creative going on at the present. Other than the mental nimbleness needed to survive (flourish?) while caring for, educating, entertaining, putting up with small children all day every day. I'm back on the mom gig full time (and just getting used to not saying: 'I don't know, go ask daddy') now that The Man has a dream and needs to focus on something other than childcare. I like to support dreams. So I'm the woman on the spot.

Nevertheless, there is nothing like being with Smootch for stimulating the creative juices. It won't be long before we are back at it. Already, there is a list of materials we need to acquire (beg, borrow or steal) for various projects. To that end, does anyone know of a good substitute for craft foam? We require a colourful, weather proof (ish), slightly pliable but still sturdy material for a project. Perhaps colourful plastic bottles will do, but I'm afraid the edges will cut the wee fingers (and my big ones too).

So, I'll be back! With stuff :D Have a great day too.


  1. I'll be interested to see what people come up with. I've been wanting to make some Easter eggs to hang in our tree to replace the wonderfully cheerful shiney red Christmas baubles that we have only just taken down. I am failing SO badly at dying and painting real eggs I was wondering what else I could use to make big bright eggs - tetrapacks from our fruit juices, plastic from our milk bottles, craft foam would be ideal but I really don't want to buy stuff.

    I'm sending you supportive, settling in thoughts through the net - hope you can feel them.


  2. I'm not sure what you would be making, but perhaps fused plastic would be an option? A kind of plastic fabric that can be sewn, glued, etc. I'm sure if you don't have enough plastic bags you could beg/borrow them from friends and neighbors. Or perhaps ask the grocery stores for a handful.
    Here is a link to a tutorial...

  3. No idea what you're making with the plastic bottles, but I'm sure it'll be something I'll wish I had thought of! Have to admit to blog withdrawal when you go on hiatus...