dot to dot

Ah, a bit of progress on the hipster pattern. However small. I must keep in mind that even the tiniest bit of headway is still movement in towards the goal. Because right now I feel like I will never, ever get anything done.

Without having a block of time most days that is officially 'work time' (even though it was actually hijacked almost every day by children, appointments, and life) I am back to the 5 minutes here, 23 minutes there, nothing today but maybe tomorrow sewing and pattern making experience. It truly is a different work, more difficult, but sort of interesting in the challenge. The best part is being with the kids. The frustrating part is not actually getting thing else done.

I am coaching my frustrated brain into accepting a more relaxed and big picture reality. I visualize how small acts add up to big change. How tiny little steps take us far far away. How little stitches, taken one by one, will eventually become a quilt. The hope is that playing mind games with myself will help me cultivate a more zen approach. Or at least stop me from yanking out my own hair.

When I think of the sewing machine in the basement gathering dust or happen to catch sight of the new Ottobre that arrived in the mail a few days ago but I haven't properly looked through yet, when I see Smootch could use some new leggings and then get an idea for a hat that would be so very useful right now, and there is a pile of mending and the west coast quilt squares stacked up for embellishments, and wasn't I supposed to have a some stuff ready for a market new month?, and...

Breathe. Must remember to breathe.

Breathe and play with pointillism. Sitting down with the kids, doing some drawing (which both, thankfully, are very much into right now), I pick out images slowly with small dots, and think of how amazing those little pen taps add up to a whole picture. It's my meditation, an intersection between perspective and non-effort. For a brief moment, the urgency recedes and I am right there with the kids, my creativity, and my tiny efforts that stack up into accomplishment.

So I keep moving.


  1. That is an awesome way to just relax and see that you are getting somewhere even if you don't feel you are.

  2. Very good way to relax. I must tell you, I thought of you yesterday when I was attempting to cut fabric and my lovely son was crawling all over the fabric to make it crinkle up into a ball and then he would jump on me. Then my daughter would come join him.

    Slowly slowly, yes I agree, I too must remember to breathe. :)

  3. Just wanted to let you know that I gave you two blog awards today. Check them out at

  4. Thanks so much for this post!

    I have been feeling very busy for the last while as my partner broke his leg and I have been looking after everyone and trying to do something for me occasionally too. I longingly glance at my sewing table, but haven't made it there for a while - meanwhile winter is creeping up on us and the kids need new clothes. I need to take a breath and think of the things I have done (7am this morning got up to make Easter cookies for my daughters class).

    So thanks again for reminding me of what is important! I really appreciate all the time you have put into your tutorials and patterns etc. You have inspired me to make many things since I first started reading your blog :)

  5. One of the many problems I seem to have is the idea of seeing how the little things actually DO add up to big things. I do a mental check off list in my head every day, all day long. I feel like my day was a complete waste if I didn't DO anything. (and that DOING does not include making 3 meals, 5 cakes, snack for kids, laundry, playing at the park, kissing a boo know...all the things that actually MATTER, but I fail to see that...)

    After 11 years of parenting, you would think I would get this by now. I am a mom first, to not one, but four. And while I can be creative and work on projects, the will be interrupted by LIFE...because that is the way it goes. Plus..these kids in our way will not always be kids, and one day, will be so far out of our way, that I can only imagine that I will want no projects, just my little kids back.

    Like I said though..I CAN ONLY IMAGINE...because, man, I find this frustrating.

  6. Pointillism is best done with a belly full of coffee ay 1:00 am and with a good friend.

    To remember that I have done many "things" throughout the day, I've started making a to-do list in reverse. I write done what I've done when I finish it, then check it off. My "list" is always done at the end of the day, with many happy little check marks looking back at me ; )