pattern shop update

Just wanted to give everyone a quick update on the paper pattern situation in the shop. I am holding off doing any printing until after our relocation and settling in. Perhaps mid-April or so I will have fresh copies nicely printed up for your sewing pleasure. There are a few Lace Up Dresses left and lots of the Revolutions Frock (I just reprinted those not too long ago). I have sold completely out of paper copies of the Tiered Patchwork Twirler, but you can still find possess the pattern in PDF format. There are, however, only two copies left of the Revolutions Frock in sizes 5-8 (and there is no PDF version) so if you want a copy soon, now is your best time :)

I will be doing my best to keep up with the patterns during this transition (including the birthing of the hipsters for slim preschoolers pattern - no, that's not the official name), though there may be a day or two of disruption with the move, depending really on how fast we can get internet connected in our new place. My posting here will also be a bit sketchy through that time too. On the upside, if you get bored with me not providing any new tutorials for awhile, you can always skim down the left hand side of this page and see if there are any ideas over there that you haven't tried yet. I haven't met anyone who has done them all yet ;) And there is patterns in the shop if you would like a more structured sewing project, the purchase of which is also a fantastic way to support this blog.

Happy weekend all!

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