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Alright, you lovely people, I need some help again.

As I've blogged before, I'm a not as clever as I'd like to be. The slim fit, hipster trouser pattern is moving into the final stages, but there's a small hitch. Since ya'll were incredibly helpful with naming what is now the Birdie Britches pattern, I thought maybe you'd enjoy another challenge.

The trouser pattern is a one piece (plus pocket), easy and quick unisex style, designed for the tall and thin preschooler, who like to wear their pants down on their hips. Like my girl. I can't tell you how much it drives me wild to have her push all of her pants and skirts way down past her natural waist line to rest them on her hips. Apparently I'm not the only one with waistband aversion. Others have written to say how their preschoolers push the waistband down, but then end up walking around with an unfortunate amount of exposure on the backside. These trousers have been designed with a high back so that the band-on-hip comfort requirement is met for the child as well as the hide-the-crack parental desire.

Now they are all done, ready for the tall and slim children 3-6 years old. All they need now is a name. For my own reference, I have been calling them 'Smootchie Specials', because their design in based on Smootchie's not exactly off the rack physique. However, my daughter's nickname, as innocent and sweet it was when I started using it during her first few days of life, has some other cultural references that really do not relate to my kid. Calling them Smootchie Specials makes it sound like it was smuggled across borders in a single engine airplane. But what should they be called?

If you would like to the play the name game, please leave a suggestion (comment) on this post. On Sunday evening (February 21st) I will go through and award any suggestion I use with a free pdf pattern (your choice) from my shop or you can have a copy of this trouser pattern if you can hold on a week for me to bring it all together.

I will also make a random number draw with all entries (one per a customer, thank you) for another chance to win a free pdf pattern.

Good luck, have fun :)


Hey there! I am extending the contest deadline by 24 hours because it's Sunday night and I am way too wiped out to handle it all :D So the draw and name decision will happen Monday, February 22 about 9ish pacific time. Cheers!


I'm back!

I have found myself a random draw winner - Jade, I have emailed you already!

I also have two winners for the name suggestion, Andrea and Kathryn. Andrea, I have sent you a message, but Kathryn who-thinks-of-Mr-Dress-Up (I loooooove Mr Dress Up!) could you please send me an email at so we can set you up with a free pdf pattern?

Ah, now the true name of the pattern formally with the working title of Smootchie Specials:

(dum dum dum dum dum dummmmm)

will be revealed next week....

I will say that the name is not actually mentioned in the comments, although it was heavily inspired by Andrea and Kathryn's suggestions.

And I will also say that it was incredibly fun to read all the suggestions and I have a page full of notes I jotted down as I read through them all. You guys are funny and smart and good to me. Thank you.


  1. The only thing that popped in my head was, "Just say No to crack!" but that is a little lame and inappropriate...

  2. Skinny Minnies

    Slim Shady Slacks

    Teeny Tushie Trousers

    Just Like Me Pants

    Perfectly Irregular Pants

  3. Tripsta - part trouser part hipster


    awkward pants

  4. - uniquicks slim-fit
    - comfykids


  5. I'm always so bad at this!! But I like Perfect Pants or Perfect Fit Pants because all your stuff fits my dd perfectly!

  6. Hippy Pants
    Hippy Trews (UK slang for trousers)

  7. How about...

    Rock Star Pants (for some reason they make me think of a young David Lee Roth, Steven Tyler, or even Taylor Swift... tall, thin singers who never seem to be caught in ill fitting pants...)

    Hipster Pants

    Trendsetter Trousers (I love alliteration!)

  8. My DD1 would call them PERFECT!

    LOL - none of her pants can touch her belly.

    How about:

    Below the belts


    Won't hurt my belly pants

    The Hipster Slouch

    Sits the Hips Pants

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  10. Highback Hipsters

    ...or you could change it up a little and still have the idea.

    Hyback Hipsters

  11. Cute but covered pants
    rock on skinny pants
    happenin hipsters
    super sweet hipsters
    toy kicking pants
    breathable bellybutton pants
    playground pants
    sweet seventies pants

  12. Hmm...

    "Higher Than Hip!" Hipsters

    Hangin' Hip Trousers

    High and Low Pants

    Smootchie's Compromise Pants ;)

    or just Compromise Pants

    Pleases All Pants

  13. To keep with the animal theme I was thinking lean monkey trousers or if you like alliteration, lean lemur, or rhymes, lean bean. Also some birds definitly evoke slim thoughts like sandpiper pants or osritch trousers, just to keep with your current themes.

  14. Smootchie Mama Pants

    Maximum Coverage "No Moon Here" britches

    Jungle gym trousers

    Pick-up-sticks Britches

    4-going-on-14 Hiphuggers

    Hopscotch Pants

    Smooch-Tested, Mama Approved Skinny Pants

    Man, this is too fun! :D

  15. Smootchie's hip hugger pants
    Smootchie's perfect fit pants
    Retro hip hugger preschool pants
    no moon show Slacks

  16. What fun!

    How 'bout Beanpole Britches...for all those tall, skinny kiddos!

  17. These pants are going to be so cute!

    For the name, what about...

    Lanky Legs

    Twiggy Trousers

  18. Slingers
    No Moonpie Pants
    Too Cool Britches


  19. How about "Carnival" slacks/trousers/pants, in honor of the season you completed the pattern...

    Quoted from Wikipedia: Carnival typically involves a public celebration or parade combining some elements of a circus, mask and public street party.

    Everyday with a pre-schooler is carnival! And those darling pants, with embelishment are just the thing to wear to a parade...Practical and spunky!

    Better yet; little she/he wont spoil their own masqueraded identity with a flash of their backside.

    Great Pattern

  20. let's see....

    hippie dippies
    slim shady
    so you wanna be a rock star

    and my favorite so far...

    sweet and low down
    (like the movie about jazz guitarist django rinehart)

  21. Slim Janes (like 'Slim Jims', but different!) :)

    Love these pants!

  22. How about: Hollow Leg Hippie Pants

  23. Can't wait to try them!
    Long Tall Sallies?
    Mustang Sallies?
    (Got Sally on the brain! ;))

  24. i'm not so good at this ...

    hi back trouser

    so many great ideas out there!!!

  25. Hip to be square pants
    Hip Hip hooray pants
    Hippity Hoppity pant

    Slim Chance pants
    Slim Pickens pants

  26. I'm not that clever, either - so I would go with "Slim Trim Hipsters" or "Happy Hipsters". I think Happy Hipsters would look well alongside Birdie Britches; but maybe that's just me:)

  27. How about Trim Trousers ?

    They are some rockin' Pants...
    so how about Rockin'and not Rollin' Skinny Britches?

  28. I liked String Beans but since someone else came up with it my submission is Tall Trousers.

  29. Slimfit Specials
    Trimfit Trousers
    Hip-Hugger Pants
    Hipster Hi-Backs

    They look ideal for my 3 super skinny DDs...

  30. Slim Pickins
    Smooch and the Bean Stalk Pants/Slacks/Hipsters
    Bean Stalk Britches

  31. ok, this is very lame, but what can you expect at 7 in the morning.

    -smooch's comfy hipsters
    -the cover all hipster pants

    thankyou for making a pattern for the skinny and tall children.
    barbara (mum to two tall and lanky girls:-))

  32. The Hip Sister (or Sista) was the first thing that came to mind, but then I saw gender neutral. I'm not as good with the naming as others!

  33. I was thinking 'Sweetie Slacks', but then realized this is a unisex pattern, and a six year old boy might bristle a bit at that... My three year old would already. But I really, really liked the 'Rock Star Pants' submission a million comments above mine. I vote for those. I always think she looks like a little rock star, definitely Steven Tyler-esque (in the dressing, not the looks! She's way too cute for that comparison!) in a lot of the pictures where she has dressed herself. Can I vote for you to pick indiewriter?

  34. Um... also - don't call them 'low down' anythings, please! Another bad cultural connotation to avoid there.

  35. Slim Jims
    You Bet Your Britches
    Sugar Britches
    Slim Chance Pants
    Mini Skinnies
    The Skinny on My Mini

  36. First thought was:
    Hippie, Hippie, Hipsters's all I got! ;)

  37. Moon crack has been my son's pant issue ever since he got out of diapers. He likes 'em low, but hasn't got the tush to hold 'em up at the back. I'm personally liking someone's the suggestion of Beanpole Britches, although if I made them for my son I'd be calling them Goober Pants (i.e. his nickname). Although, come to think of it, my 21-year-old cousin has the same issue, and she is not a beanpole. It all comes back to the butt-less-ness. I am also terrible at naming things . . .

  38. slim jeanies

    I would Love this pattern for my skinny little grandkids! They have such trouble finding good fits!

  39. smootchie slimfits
    i know, i know, but smootchie is such a cute nickname.

  40. I'm not very good at this, but can't wait to see the pattern, already have plans to adjust them to fit adults (I love your peasant blouse and have made myself a few!)

    Using Smootchie as an inspiration, I came up with

    Slim MOnkey On The Chair Hipsters Include Everybody.

    (Ok so I used her name and her first ever video tute, I couldn't resist)

  41. 'Happening Hipsters'
    or 'Happenin' Hipsters'

    'Hey Hug my Hips' Hipsters

  42. I've Got the Hippy Hippy Shakes!

  43. Smootche's Slim Slacks or just Slim Slacks, but I like the idea of her name being in them since the were initially designed for her!

  44. Groovy lil trousers?

    great pattern by the way!!

  45. Teeny trousers (teeny as in skinny, but also teen-y 'cause they're kind of a teen style)

  46. S.S. Hipsters

    The S.S. Trouser

    No-Show Trouser (or Pants)

    anwhite29 (at) cox (dot) net

  47. Skinny Butt Strut Pants

  48. Skinny Mini's Slacks or Slim's Slacks

    Not too terribly inventive, but I rather like the repetition of the "S-" and the "-ini" for Skinny Mini's Slacks. And, the "Mini" doesn't have to refer to a female - it's referring to the size of the slacks! I like the "Sl-" in Slim's Slacks too.

    Whatever you name them, I know they're going to be awesome!

    ~ Jade @

  49. oooo, more
    Pantalongs rather than pantalones!

  50. Lil Hippy Slim-Fit Trousers...
    These are great!

  51. *Hip, Hip Hooray Hipsters
    *Highback hipsters
    *String bean pants
    *Tall Glass of water slacks (I always got called that as a tall skinny child)
    *High-low hipsters (makes me think oh high-ho silver)

    whatever you call them they sure are cute

  52. hee hee what about

    'Ordinary Hipsters' as in I could join an army of....

    If these pants covered my boys butt crack I would promptly enlarge thm and make his dad wear them!!!!

  53. How about Hip, Slim & Trim Pants

  54. I think modern maven. Dunno why, and I love alliteration! Best of luck!!

  55. string bean slacks is my vote!
    credit to Sophia & Cameron also...

  56. HipStars

    The Hip With No Dip Pants

    Long and Leans

  57. Railroad slacks?

  58. How about "skinny slacks",
    "willowy wear" , "slender not skimpy", or my favourite:
    "UNscanty Pants"!

  59. Smootch(ie) Slacks
    Slim Smootch(ie) Slacks
    Smootch(ie) Slimster Slacks

    I think her name should be left in the name. So cute!

    My 7-year-old suggested "Rock Star Pants", she's a tall, slim girl too.

  60. I love the design!

    -All Around Town Pants

    -Tickle Trousers (had some Mr. Dress-Up in my head)

    -Ramble-Wear / Ramble Pants

  61. Sloucher Slacks or Hipster Britches.

  62. I just want to say it's not slim pre-schoolers who wear their pants like that. My 4 year old (and her older sister before her, who was much smaller, but shaped the same), is a 'large' girl, with the toddler belly and sway back still...but at 43" tall or so has a 27" waist! Even a size 6 won't fit around her waist (and just fit in the legs), so she pushes all her pants/skirts down to under the belly, like an old man who won't admit his waist is no longer 36".