Shoe box to treasure chest gift wrapping

We arrived at our new home on Thursday of last week and the first thing we did was pack up and take off. Our friend's girl had a party on Saturday to celebrate her 3rd birthday. With an unusual bit of foresight, we actually had picked up her gift before we left the island in Victoria, this sweet little pair of chucks:

Which came in it's own little sturdy box:

All I had to do was wrap the gift. Simple and quick, paper and bow. Or even just buy one of those paper bag monstrosities. Do you think that I could just do the job and get on with the thousand and one other things that are needed to do when you move to a whole different province?

No. But, really, who can resist pimping a shoebox?

Have cardboard, will glue.

Treasure Chest from Shoe Box

Cut out a rectangle of cardboard (which happens to bend well) that is the width of the box lid by the length x 1.5 (or so).

The sides of the box lid are cut from a pasta box (cereal boxes are the same weight) using a bowl to make a rounded edge.

Cutting out about 1/2" away from the intended lid side will give you enough extra cardboard to attach it to the box. Bend the extra cardboard away from the main area. Make small clips to smoothly bend away the rounded bit.

Now, down to business.

Glue down the bottom of the sides to the lid.

Let glue dry thoroughly.

Attach the top piece, using glue on the flaps to secure it to the sides.

At this point it is helpful to have paint, foil, or some sort of appropriate paper to cover the box. However, if you are like me, out of time and supplies, just make the most basic of decorations to suggest treasure chesty-ness.

Then stock with stickers, felts, and other goodies for the intended recipient to embellish the cardboard chest herself.

Give to birthday child. Pretend like you meant it to be like this all along.

Viola, two gifts in one.


  1. How clever! I did it the long way with my mail box but I am so trying this thanks for sharing!

  2. P.S. Love the Chucks. I have clean worn out two pair and was just thinking to myself how I should go shoe shopping soon. Seems like the stars would like me too.

  3. very cute idea - i may have to use is with some shoe boxes floating around our house!
    glad you made it...

  4. I love the "pretend you intended this all along" bit. LOL But you as a mommy know that the kids love decorating boxes for themselves. Awsome! I might just find a few boxex for my kids just to keep them busy today.

  5. Charity, thank you for bringing back such a good memory. My mom used to do things like that with all my presents when I was small. I hope the birthday girl loves it... and the Chucks too.

  6. Howdy Charity! I just wanted to let you know I used a couple of these photos - with credits! - and linked to this post on my blog today. I hope you will check it out. It is a memory of the best gift I've ever recieved: