details, smetails

Today is a day of details and clearing up of the thousand and one small projects and errands that need to be done, but have not, for some reason. (You say 'slacker' like it's a bad thing?)

First up, I will be creating a photo tutorial of the yoke assembly on my Revolutions Frock pattern. The yoke is a tough maneuver, and so many of us are visual learners. It may be a good one to bookmark for anyone wanting to put one together in the future or curious about yoke assembly in general. It should be up tomorrow.

For anyone who has read some of my older tutorials lately, you might have noticed that the bottom of the post now has a little spiel and 'Donate' button from Paypal on it. Eventually there will be a Donate button on the bottom of all my tutorial posts. To explain this renewed campaign, I have complied a little letter of why you should give me money :D Please check it out if you have any questions and, of course, email at me if you have more.

Finally, if you haven't had enough of me yet, please visit Everyday Morgan for an interview and a chance to win a Little Print Designs ePattern. Enter the pattern giveaway, which I believe is open for a few days, by leaving a comment on Morgan's post. Good luck everyone :)

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  1. Thank you. I recently bought the Revolutions pattern. I had a rough time and in the end I still didn't do the yoke right.

    I will try again with renewed enthusiasm!