Etsy sellers using Little Print Design patterns: hey, you!

Excuse my unscheduled weekend interruption, but I have a request. Are you, or do you know anybody, on Etsy (or other online handmade markets) making garments from any of my Little Print Designs sewing patterns for sale?

I have received a number of requests for actual garments from my designs, but I've been turning them down. It would be wonderful to refer them to another Etsy shop (or otherwise) where they could actually purchase a Fair Weather Jacket or Patchwork Twirler or Lace Up Dress or whatever. Then I don't have to feel like a jerk, not being able to help out a buyer, and another maker of the handmade could benefit from a sale.

If you or someone else you know of sells garments from Little Print Designs (or even from the tutorials here at Indietutes), then please leave a comment or email me:

Thank you, I will let you return to your regular weekend programming now.



  1. I've been drooling over these stripey, bright, mismatched and happy little shirts you've been making too! It didn't even occur to me that asking to buy them was allowed. Now I want to buy one too! (-;

  2. Tiffany, ha! This is supposed to discourage requests, not encourage! As it so happens, I am actually making up some bright and happy raglan tees to sell - along with sleevy pants, peasant blouses and dresses, vests and tunics - but I am only selling locally and not online. If you are in Western Canada, perhaps you've got a shot. Other than that, it's a nice drive :)

    I am also sure that you can make your own shirt... I feel a tutorial coming on...

  3. What if I have always *wished* I lived in Canada?

    Or what if we "traded", and then it wasn't "selling"?

    Or, what if I change my summer road trip plans and steer a little north of the Redwoods?


  4. I've sent you some pics of my redheaded munchkin in vegbee clothes...and I've been sewing up some more and photographing them with intentions to sell on etsy. Give me another 7-10 days and you should be able to pass along my name to interested folks. I'll email you when my shop is open for business! :)
    Thanks again for your generous spirit...I don't know how successful my sales will be, but you will be getting 10% of all profits from Little Print Designs.

  5. I never would have dreamed selling someone else's pattern, but have made a few for my daughter. I will be glad to make up some for my etsy shop! I'm trying to increase the stock on my site and think this would be the perfect addition! :)

    Here's a link to my etsy shop:

  6. I too like using your patterns. I've thought of using some of them when I get my shop up and going but I wasn't sure because it felt so wrong to use someone elses pattern, but now that you've had request I'll whip some up and get my etsy shop info to you as soon as I open it. aND I will give you a generous percent of the sale price.

  7. Do you have any items that are getting a lot of requests? Its always so hard to know what people are looking for:-) If you want you can email me at coveredbydesign at

  8. whoa! where in western canada are you? any chance it's edmonton? because that's where i am and i would love to know where you are selling to the lucky locals!

  9. never mind; i just read further down that you are on the island. i was starting to wonder when i saw the lack of snow in your pics. well, i guess i'll just have to get my lazy butt off the computer and make this stuff myself.

  10. KL, I will be in Edmonton in a few months. I will post when and where I will be at markets and such :)