trouser saga finale. for now.

Well, it's finally happened. Except for a couple pairs of sleevy pants he uses as pajamas, Birdie owns no other style of pants other than those of the trouser saga. He has outgrown everything else and I have made no other type. It doesn't help that I can produce a pair in under 20 minutes now.

Okay, so Birdie doesn't have a wide selection of pants style-wise to choose from, but he certainly has a lot of them now. And they all look different, mostly because they are recons from unloved adult clothing and I'm allergic to any sort of efficient production line type sewing. Each pair, like every person, has a logic all of their own.

To help deal with the cold weather I've started lining pants with old t-shirts. They've got that extra layer for warmth and Birdie seems to enjoy having something extra soft up against his legs. He's a texture kid, for sure. Here is his favorite pair, made with navy baby cord and patchwork pockets:

When offered a choice, the navy cords are the first ones in his hands. He even claps when he sees them come out of the dryer after washing (these and a pair of socks that every man in my life hates but Birdie because they happen to be pink. Oh, and they sport a picture of a certain red, fuzzy monster, but loathing that giggling nut is just natural.)

So, I am declaring an end to the trouser making. For now. The boy will grow again soon, seems there is no pleasant way to stop him, and I will most likely have another round in the spring as his second birthday nears. I am feeling rather pleased, though, that I managed to wrap up this need to keep the boy's legs and bottom covered with the completion of the pdf pattern, now avaliable on etsy. I'm struggling not to turn this post into a sales pitch at this point, but I just want to point out that I made us all a bloody amazing pattern and if you've got a little bottom in the 6-24 month range in your life, it would best be covered by a pair of britches that are very quick and easy to make. Trousers that would, by the way, look and feel very festive, yet still comfortable, if made from crimson velveteen, maybe trimmed in faux-fur, for all the holiday events we drag our poor sugar-overdosed children to.


Alright, that may have been a bit over the top. I'm not sorry, though. Tooting your own horn is part of what blogging is about. I feel no shame :D

I shall be back on monday-ish with a new tutorial. Something to help reuse/recycle all that crazy vinyl packaging everything cloth seems to come wrapped in lately. Until then, have a lovely, relaxing weekend :)


  1. Squeeeeeeeeee! adorable boy, adorable trousers, which will look adorable on my adorable one, too. Planning on purchasing next week. I have to buy a new car battery this week. :/

  2. Those pants are very cute and I love that they are cut for cloth nappies (diapers).
    Too bad I dont have a baby to sew for as she is all grown up!

    The pattern is so cheap, I was expecting it for much more.

    And toot away!

  3. you are so awesome...just wanted to let you know that your etsy link isn't working (for me anyways).

  4. so cute,
    please, I need a pattern for my 4-year old girl

  5. Thanks lettuceknit! I got the link fixed.

    Brooke, without boring you with my long drawn out pricing debates with myself, I'll just say that I was hoping that this pattern will make it's way into more people's hands at a lower price and I like to be able to offer patterns as affordable as possible. Especially since it is mostly readers buying them :)

  6. Adorable! Maybe once Christmas is over I can give these a whirl. :)

  7. how bizzare! i was just thinking to myself about an hour ago as i made my bed with brand new sheets "is a vinyl pouch for packaging really necessary? pretty wasteful, me thinks.." and "what the hell am i gonna make it into...?" - i seem to have a compulsive urge lately to make every thing i see into some sort of craft, especially cardboard tubes and tissue boxes... it's getting a little obsessive really. can't wait to see what you come up with!

  8. does the pattern happen to explain how to add the tshirt lining?

  9. ezeldabeth,
    nope. But I can tell you what I did: I cut an extra set of the pants piece from the lining material, matched up the lining pieces with their respective shell pieces, and treated it as one piece, with the lining being the wrong side. I'm sure I could of come up with a whizzier way, but it worked out well and was just as fast.