trousers for he-who-does-not-sleep

Yesterday I made the 100 kilometer trek into a larger centre to pick up some desperately needed sewing supplies (like thread and fabric :D). Where I come from, Alberta: land of super highways, you can drive 100 kilometers in about 35 minutes. Not legally, mind, but just over half an hour is a fairly normal amount of time. Here, on Vancouver Island, where mountain passes are the norm and black bears pose photogenically at every cliffhanger turn, not to mention stop lights every couple of klicks, it takes about two hours to drive the same distance. In fact, the distance was deemed far enough, considering both ways with a toddler and preshooler, that it had to be combined with a beach day to justify the inconvience. So be it.

The point of this ramble is that I FINALLY MADE SOMETHING! Yay! The boy so very much needed some new trousers and I was happy to zing some up this afternoon.

Behold, new pants for the wee man:

The pattern is my own one piece trouser design, with a side pocket and bits of embellishment. As far as I can tell, they fit him perfect in every way.

Birdie Boy's shirt - ignore the goop - is from Tuff as Snails etsy shop. She's brillant, has wonderful things, and is off right now having a baby. Good luck, B!

And that's it for now. My head is still spinning from our shifting and moving, and I'm totally lost as to what I was doing over here on this blog. If I promised you something, you'd better remind me again because, dude, in all the chaos, I've totally forgotten everything but where my children, kitties, and husband are. In that order. (Mom, I'm a bad kid, I'm sorry I forgot your birthday... will make it up to you xoxo.)

Still, I'm here now. Tomorrow, maybe I will get to make something else :)


  1. RIDICULOUSLY SWEET!!! Oh my goodness....LOVE THEM!

  2. Well Bravo, the pants not only look fantastic, but a perfect fit. It is my biggest dilemma with my daughter. Great job, and I love the fabric.

  3. Your little man is terribly cute! That little bald head is to die for! And the trousers most certainly add to it!

  4. They look fantastic!

    Well done on the sewing AND the trekking with the kidlets... you're a brave woman!

  5. How sweet! Those trousers are awesome and what sweet photos!


  6. Aw, thanks vegbee! I went and had myself a baby and Im tired. I dont know when I will be back in action! Im thinking a lot about making some cute cloth diapers though! Maybe soon!

    And because I love showing off my babies:


    Any chance you're selling or giving out this pattern?? My little man could really use some pants that fit well.