trouser theft

So, I finally made the boy some desperately needed bottoms, yes? The next morning, going to put on said bottoms on child, opened the drawer and the drawer was empty. No trousers. Hmmmm?

I called in my girl child, who loves a mystery (or, rather, loves Scooby Doo and saying, 'Hey, gang! Looks like we have a mystery on our hands!) And that's as far as I needed to go with the detective work. The very girl who moved 1200 kilometers with eight skirts and only one pair of pants up and stole her brothers new trousers before he even had a chance to wear them.

But, hey, they fit her pretty good.

Smootch is, of course, completely without remorse.

I've made good use of suiting for children's clothes over the years and the familarity of it combined with the happiness of the very young means she's drawn to it now, much like my generation seems to love brown corduroy. I guess she just couldn't help herself.

I will be making her her own pair soon, of course. Seems I've already got the pattern :D I know that bum-wise my five year old and 17 month old use about the same amount of space. This pattern fits her just below the knee in a slim fit capri style. I will take front of the waist down an inch or so for Smootch, since she wears everything on her hips (drives me nuts) and only put elastic in the back. Have to add some pockets on the top too, for holding the small amounts of change she asks for now (she's saving up for something. Mostly likely something pink.)

The boy, in the meanwhile, does have another pair of pants, just finished by The Man, my dh (who I never actually married, but, you know...) They are reconned from a pair of stripey jeans he found at the Free Store. I will get pics as soon as I can and share.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend! This week: a tutorial or bust!


  1. Haha, such a little thiefling ;-) She looks cute though!

  2. *phew!* At least your gorgeous boy isn't running about pantsless! (Not that there is anything wrong with that, but I'm sure he likes his funky pants...)

    They look FANTASTIC on the pants thief though, she knows her stuff, that one... ;)

  3. That's a great cheeky photo. THe pants do look good on her I agree!

  4. So cute! And the trousers are too :->

  5. I have five kids-- 2 are girl children. for some odd reason the girl ones steal clothing often. one is 4 and the other 7, but yes, their bum regions are similarly sized. So the 7 yr old wears the little sisters skirts and they are mortifyingly short, so then she is forced to wear her own jeans or something for modesty and mom. It is getting a little crazy. Why do I even BOTHER to keep their stuff separated? The oddest part is they always end up looking like smootch there, very classy and adorable. Good luck with this issue in your home. I think at mine it is a lost cause.

  6. They're very flattering! Good on Smootch for having such keen fashion sense.

  7. just have to say that she may be the cutest little thief ever!