I'm here: home! Bring on the machines

Now, with a two door sport model car, roof rack and bubble, two kids under 5, two kitties, 1200 kilometers, two weeks visiting various family, three weeks in hotels, and a whole lot of chocolate, we are finally, finally in our new home. Our new home for now anyway.

Today I found a bit of time to take out my sewing machines (yes, they came along in the trunk - got to have priorities) and lovingly plugged them in and turned their lights on and off. Which is all I could do since I do not have, oh, thread, bobbins, scissors, pins, fabric, rulers, elastic, or any other the other thousand and one things I should have to get my sewing groove back.

Another thing I brought was a box of Little Print sewing patterns. I just turned my etsy back on for those wonderful people who have emailed me, wondering when my patterns will be avaliable again. Thank you for your patience!

Soon, oh so very soon, I shall make the trek to a larger center to stock up on the sewing basics, and then I shall be off and stitching once again. Two things on the list: gathering foot and snap press. I've never had either of these, but I've convinced myself that they are as needed as a set of pins (hopefully, I go easier on the foot and press than my pins :D)



  1. Hooray! Congratulations on the temporary reprieve from the nomad life. Glad to hear about the etsy, I'll be scooting there shortly. As for the snap press - it's one of my favorite tools. Well worth the investment. FYI, if you haven't bought it already, email me - I can tell you about a yahoo group.

  2. Whoo-hoo! Congrats on the home! I've missed your posts and I bet you could write a book about your adventure!

  3. It must feel nice to have a place to settle - even if it is just for a shirt time.

  4. Yay for being a little bit settled. I agree on the snap press! wouldnt be without mine :D Looking forward to seeing what you make first!

  5. so happy to hear that you're settled in. Oh how I've missed your weekly posts on your blog. you'll love having a gathering foot. It makes making twirlers so easy, I love mine. Good Luck in your new place!!