weekend at Lexi's

My girl Lexi was kind enough to lend me a table in her spare room for me to set up camp for the weekend and make some dolls.

 photo 56323346-5f1a-4489-b0eb-7320003f2925.jpg

This was my home for the weekend.  That was an inaccurate statement.  This was my home for six hours a day over five days, when I wasn't bunking off to go find coffee.

 photo 0ec32f87-f8ff-4e1e-9687-46ed2b359863.jpg

I had a little snoop while I was there.  Of course.

 photo ce980366-5e12-40ba-8d6c-cee557b82fe3.jpg

 photo 468e7b30-2c5d-4ca7-a40f-3451b48114ee.jpg

 photo b74cd997-699b-4272-888d-5208191413fc.jpg

 photo 8182fcf3-a498-4469-89de-4aa5319d3441.jpg

 photo c67cdfda-c372-4be4-ad79-f0f1a55afbb1.jpg

 photo 7729b808-0752-416d-af49-1248dea69c26.jpg

I did manage to make a few things.  The worst was this scary squirrel.  The body proportions are a bit off.  But that's really the least of its problems.

 photo c2334e57-0696-48f4-8d46-b832c108cb97.jpg

 photo 9b599378-0b37-4745-8313-ab67ab5d3141.jpg

 photo 01102160-c06f-4357-9605-6f67530f2e2a.jpg

For the record, boy child is completely smitten with it.  Which goes to show, love is blind.

And then there is a little dear that I made for Lexi.  I love little deer that fit in the palm of one's hand.

 photo 6c991ef6-6b22-491d-809e-5c512c1fd37a.jpg

 photo c9ebb70b-cc9e-41e9-b96f-315b621a65f8.jpg

You may notice both the deer and the scary squirrel are made from the leftovers of girl child's apron that I upcycled from a thrifted button down shirt.  I still have two whole sleeves left.  Too bad neither of my childs fit into sleevy pants anymore. 

And, another deer, which happens to be 150% larger.

 photo 4b4dc625-7480-45d8-8d64-5351d8581c7b.jpg

Why do I make so many deer?  I cannot know.  Perhaps in the future a good reason will present itself.

Lexi happens to have a bit of a thing for Guy Fawkes whatnots.

 photo 7b6d4237-9a97-42c1-ba08-e07e2e3ba51f.jpg 
 I took this as inspiration and used my new friend, paperclay, to make a doll sized Guy Fawkes mask, along with another head for a doll, to be finished at a later date.  Paperclay is... challenging.  It doesn't smooth down like polymer clay that I have worked with in the past and drying out seems to be an issue.  Still, I'm looking forward to further exploring this new to me medium and smoothing out my rough edges.

 photo ac89d64c-1bd0-4052-a06b-b0c7e6aff665.jpg

 photo 0c6b7b5f-184f-4a9c-bf47-28dcc31798d9.jpg

When the mask is dry in a couple of days I should be able to paint it... and maybe some sandpaper before the paint?

This is the total haul for the weekend (excluding cups of coffee drank):

 photo IMG_1077.jpg

The other dolls I will share with you in due time. 

 photo IMG_1079.jpg

I hope your weekend was equally fabulous.


  1. Love your work, but I really love the crayon shelf. I'm always impressed when people can shove crayons back in the box and close the lid. I can never fit them back in...they always get dumped into the crayon Tupperware container and the carton goes in the garbage.

  2. Fun times! I love the anatomy of the ant and the t.v. bookcase.

    Your dolls are fascinating. I can't wait to see what they turn out to be.