Three point jester hats. Seriously.

One of my first assignments for the costume committee of girl child's play Alice in Wonderland is to make a couple jester hats.  The Internet is surprisingly bereft of jester's hats patterns for sewing.  So I made up my own.

They still need bling'd (which is what happens to everything made for the stage) and I haven't decided if they should be stuffed and shaped yet, but here they are, with both possibilities for comparison, modeled by the kids.  I feel they should have bells on them also, but that may cause unnecessary noise on stage, so I'll have to wait and see what the director wants for that also.

I swear most of the fun of making stuff is forcing the children to put it on afterwards and smile. 

 photo 2d6b18a1-b02d-4cc1-9845-223a5fdf4b7b.jpg

Boy child, why you so serious?

 photo 653d4fd4-92ab-4dbe-8635-5a17c53a4228.jpg

No, seriously.  You're serious.

 photo 5d0c5854-fd45-4f0e-a9d3-d6940b449461.jpg

This is funny, you know.

 photo 92bbc069-d9ae-4395-95c9-d0c8d858f3f3.jpg

Side view.  Try not to laugh.

 photo 2eb34076-d678-4657-8dc5-2183df0c6e4a.jpg

First one to laugh is a rotten egg.

 photo ed239195-aaff-40ce-a575-f673045e32a8.jpg

With Halloween coming up, I was wondering if I should do up a little jester hat pattern and tutorial for the masses.  What do you think?


  1. Good grief they are growing up!! I would totally make one of these :) Thanks for the smiles!

  2. I would go unstuffed and add bells with no centre so they don't make any noise

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  4. If you want a silent bell on stage you just muffle it. You can stuff something in there to silence the ball bearing but a good squirt of hot glue works well too!

    And I like unstuffed.

  5. I like the unstuffed as well. The costume madam has asked that pom poms be added, along with a whole lot of sequins.

  6. Pretty please do a pattern, I need one for my jack in the box costume and this is perfect ☺️