corselet number one - done!

Today I sewed for about seven hours total.  And I reffed a roller derby scrimmage.  I'm not entirely certain what my kids have been up to, though.  Thank goodness for other responsible adults.

This is how I found my dress form, aka Other Mother, this morning.  She wears a new outfit everyday.  Girl child likes to dress her up.

 photo dda3611b-4569-49d3-8a89-25c6bb986eba.jpg

After a few moments work stripping Other Mother, I put on the first of twelve steampunk skirts we will be using in the children's theatre production of Alice in Wonderland

 photo f6c957aa-8421-462f-8c26-ea432aaf2c65.jpg

I did not cut out and sew the skirts but I am adding waistbands to all of them.  Which is twelve skirts worth of gathering. By the fourth one I pulled out my clear elastic to help the job move quicker, or at least, neater.  It was so reminiscent of making patchwork twirlers I had nasty gathering flashbacks and had to go outside for some fresh air every couple of skirts.

The gathers in the skirt, just so you know, are just pinned on the inside.  We haven't decided yet how the skirts are going to look and there will be a massive crinoline going on underneath too. 

The really exciting bit about today was finishing up the corselet I started yesterday.  Grommets, by the way, are not that hard.  But don't ask my finger about that, because it will disagree, having almost been severed today during the cutting of holes.

 photo b9d675ce-f54a-4660-9d33-0807ad5be6b7.jpg

It was worth it because, boom, corselet!

 photo eab5585d-9941-4cb1-a8a0-a7a1b985f073.jpg

And now I get to dress Other Mother up a little too, with a lace collar and the Queen of Hearts' hat.

 photo 1e72d6af-16bd-44cd-9f4c-eff803b87ce2.jpg


  1. Lord, I hate gathering. When Girl Child is older she should nominate you for sainthood.

  2. WOW! Awesome job. It looks like something you could wear every day:)

  3. I am so so so happy to see your corselet completed! My girls are wearing steampunk costumes for Halloween this year & I've been looking for a faux corset pattern. Nothing in the big 5 in print currently. But as soon as I read your yesterday's post, I scooted over the etsy & Yea - there was a pattern for me - in the right size even! So thank you for your timely post! & your costuming skills are marvelous! (Did your lace collar come made, or did you have a hand in that, too?)

  4. Excellent Sabrina!

    My lace collar came right off the bottom of a skirt I reconstructed. Stitched straight on to the neckline of the top.

    The top, while I mention it, is the top half of a dress - I made a number of costumes from the bottom part for the last play.