boy child steals my deer


Deer number two.  With all her glorious fuzz.  This is the best picture of her I have.  It's also the best picture of boy child's new pants I made him with the cheetah pocket.  If you squint and use your imagination, you can almost see them.  They are made of a soft blue corduroy if that helps you envision them.

Boy child doesn't care about my desire to take photos of his favorite new things.  He's wearing his pants, he's got his toy, he's got his steamed apple juice.  The end.


One proper pose for mama please, thank you?

He relents.  I have one more photo.


And that's it.  For real this time.


Time to move on in my hand sewing adventures. 

I am just putting on the ears of the kitty from Wee Wonderfuls' book.  The pattern also requires the arms, legs and tail to be put on manually.  After cutting out the pattern pieces I had to return the book to the library so I'm going it without instructions at this point.  She may turn out a little different than originally intended. 


In addition to a little dress (cats in dresses, yay!), I am also going to attempt a little pair of roller skates. But first, I have to at least get her other ear on before the day is through.  Anyone else sewn this pattern from Hillary Lang?


  1. You are on a roll! Fantastic job on that sweet little deer for your boy.
    Looks like you made him happy:)

  2. LOVE your doll sewing! The cheetah pocket material was a sheet, wasn't it? My mother made curtains out of the same in the 90s! ;-D

  3. You are looking so cute. Great dear.

  4. Very creative and your boy child is so adorable!

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