lamp of epic

It's not always easy to engage boy child in a craft. But, I've discovered, toys + hot glue + spray paint is an irresistible combination.

We always have a few toys from the thrift store laying about.

 photo b867795c-b663-452a-afc0-10f7df1a2da2.jpg

The lamp was also purchased at the thrift store for a few dollars.

Below is boy child's pondering face.  Each toy was placed carefully with great thought put into balance and overall aesthetics. 

 photo 357360c0-03e7-4f4f-a3da-a3201e3423b5.jpg

Spray paint found on sale at the hardware last week.

 photo 96c4e697-e713-4b64-b82f-9b2bf5034093.jpg

And together they make boy child's lamp of epic-ness. 

 photo b04c5e6f-069a-4c7c-b045-0a21aeeca034.jpg

 photo bc324ab3-5584-4a9e-9540-c1a27d438004.jpg

 photo 91ab91e1-5ce9-4263-b79d-50dc184503fc.jpg

 photo 97497e57-07f5-4610-9d86-8e9f560e6610.jpg

 photo 04e2cab6-d618-4ed0-913e-0d6278f27445.jpg

 photo 9ccd3eed-b689-43e8-b08a-ae6b01912931.jpg

 photo 978a2d3c-61ef-4bc5-b3f3-c547a9e5badb.jpg

 photo 6b398361-5f3c-412e-b9b4-4e16a6acceed.jpg

 photo 709ecb2c-e713-4549-bc15-0a4e1bf746e9.jpg


  1. He did an amazing job! The one word that comes to mind is EPIC!

  2. Seriously?
    This is absolutely amazing, this does not look like a kid made it. I have a list of grown men who would stand in line to buy this. 10 bazillion points to your little man child.

  3. Awesome! Have you seen Kris Kuksi's work? He does massive assemblages and they are pretty big in the art world, even inspiring the intro to the series Black Sails. He used to have a studio in my town but has since moved to another town in Kansas. Anyway, boy child's work reminded me very much of this!

  4. This is totally cool! And what a neat idea to use all those useless "happy meal" toys or other cast offs.

  5. Whoa! That is genius and definitely worthy of the title Epic!!! Great work, it looks incredible!