We have felt that we almost alone hereabouts practised this noble art; though, to tell the truth, at least, if their own assertions are to be received, most of my townsmen would fain walk sometimes, as I do, but they cannot. No wealth can buy the requisite leisure, freedom, and independence, which are the capital in this profession. It comes only by the grace of God. It requires a direct dispensation from heaven to become a walker. You must be born into the family of the Walkers. Ambulator nascitur, non fit.
- Henry David Thoreau, Walking

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The childs and I have been wandering about our city parks and eagerly catalog all the signs of spring.

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This is my favorite time of year to walk about.  It's the time when the barren trees all seem to have developed teeth, hungry to live again.

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It's the time to marvel over the few insects that have made their way to the air.  In a month, sheer numbers will render the butterflies, bees, and beetles mere background.  But right now, every beetle is a marvel, every butterfly a miracle.

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I think this is a satyr angle wing butterfly.  Anyone able to confirm or know better?

It's the time that the animals can't hide behind masses of green.  So risky to be out in plain sight, yet we are so glad to see them and welcome them back.  Keeping my distance out of respect, I once again appreciate the zoom on my camera. 

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Many of our old friends are making their way back in the air and out of their winter homes.  Over the next few weeks it'll be ideal to go find garter snakes in the nature preserve in town here and find enormous jack fish hanging out in flooded ditches alongside the lake a few kilometers away.


  1. Thank you for taking us along on your beautiful walk.

  2. Yeah for Spring! Thanks for letting us wander around your town with you :0)