prototype chickadee

Well, despite my whining about it, I did manage to get one project done, even with a house full of small humans.

Done, I said, though not necessarily done well.  This is little guy is a prototype, which for me means drawing  out a bunch of shapes, cutting them out of fabric and just seeing how it goes together.

Here is a little chickadee, for which I had no idea what I was doing with when I sewed him, but turned out, I believe, with a swollen, fat headed early spring sort of charm anyway.

 photo 9a4a1592-3d79-4556-ba2a-f3c6bf4b88e8.jpg

Oh, little fat head.  I can't tell if you are actually a chickadee or just a long legged penguin.

 photo 5cd54ce1-9129-4118-ba37-dad2a963d928.jpg

I took these photos on top of my library book shelf (we must keep our library books separate from the general population, otherwise chaos ensues).  For some reason I have some books, Train Boy and Flower Girl (some early dolls I made for the childs) in a cage and a painting girl child made a few months ago behind.  Boy child just brought home the bird house from a crafty playdate with a few of his school mates.

 photo 3c0ded9d-ee61-46b6-b845-4e7390043493.jpg

See the birdie mock the little caged human types.

 photo 4022b9ae-ebd4-4744-a49f-e43874d02817.jpg

The redeeming feature of this chickadee is his legs and feet.  Though I know they are far from perfect, they really do hold up the fat guy and even can grasp a branch. 

 photo aa1acc9b-fb30-4552-b268-5ce1891f2e71.jpg

 photo 535cffe0-78fe-4061-b0db-13813d661126.jpg

Alas he cannot fly and will have to make due with alternative means of transport.

 photo 7df928ec-9a23-4625-a317-83e0252a5f15.jpg

Though I've called this one a prototype, who knows when I will get time to make an improved companion.  I have another little chickadee project on the go, though, and a couple of 'how to sew birds' books coming in on interlibrary loan so I can start getting a grasp bird design.  The next chickadee, whenever he appears, will have some serious alterations.  Still, his feet make me smile.


  1. We love chickadees, yours included!

    Can't wait to see what other birds you come up with.

  2. I enjoy the photo of the chickadee riding the bird. I like him. He's happy and funny.