show week one

For anyone who has done theatre, I don't have to tell you how busy and surreal show week is.  For us, we totally suspend our regular activities, mostly on purpose, but sometimes by accident (such as the eye appointments we missed yesterday morning).  Since I can't show you much in terms of my sewing, I thought I'd share some of the strangeness of show week.

Girl child is in full dress rehearsals everyday this week from four to nine in the evening.  That means she comes home about two hours later than her normal bedtime.  For me, I spend that time in the costume room getting the last details together for the show.  It's a high energy sort of occasion and hard to carve out moments to just breathe.  Especially trying to coordinate with The Man to care for boy child and make sure they both get some resemblance of nutrition and attention.  Though boy child would be happy if we left him alone all week with a bucket of cupcakes and his video games, that's not going to float for me.  The Man actually might not mind that plan, either, come to think of it.  Haha, but just No.

The show opens this Friday, then there are two shows on Saturday.  Next week there are four day time shows for school kids, then four over the weekend until the last show next Sunday.  Nearly everyday for the next two and a half weeks is hair and make up for girl child.  She must do her own theatre make up (which looks quite funny close up but allows the audience to see the actor's face under the bright stage lighting) but I still have to help her with her hair. 

 photo 79efae19-e824-453e-a5b2-cfbc52666065.jpg

Morning are dedicated to relaxing.  Which probably isn't too much of a break from our regular routine but feels extra luxurious when the evenings are so late and frantic.

 photo 57bad25e-5196-42eb-8524-3217a1e80df8.jpg

Apparently having to dodge mom's camera is a hazard of hanging out reading in your bed in your panda hat.  Because being adorable is so hard.

 photo 39a56cc8-7ee0-4d66-8046-ef5e0eb597db.jpg

Should I mention while girl child is all chillaxin' in bed, her mom is running around trying to do laundry, clean cat boxes, do dishes, make and pack meals, tidy up the house, discover the burn on the couch (from a make up mirror that reflected the sun through the window and BURNT A HOLE INTO THE LEATHER COUCH!!!), read to boy child, miss doctor's appointments and get the boy to kindergarten?

Okay, moving on.

A sheet of paper I found on the table.  Girl child was testing out her felts she keeps in her bin for the green room for quiet activities.  I don't know whether this is worrisome or just plain funny.  Girl child said that every colour was evil, but evil in its own way, and if the colour could talk, this is what it would say:

 photo d3025c79-2850-47c6-b6f8-830549a8717a.jpg

No, really she's a good kid.  Just clever.  Which hardly ever translates to sweet and innocent.

One last picture for you.  This is how I find the childs when they get up before me in the morning.  Glued to Adventure Time - yes, they've become devoted fans since the Jake thingee came into our house.

 photo 1f6edff0-84b2-467f-8fd5-824025ca6a29.jpg

And now girl child is hanging off my arm, claiming my blogging is cutting into her learning time.  Apparently she still wants to do the homeschool thing this week too.  Oy-vey.


  1. I love that last picture!

    Just remember to keep breathing, and tell the girl child to break a leg from us!

    (I think that's still the appropriate expression of good luck for theater types, right?)

  2. Tell her to break a leg! I'm an actor too, and a total theater addict!

  3. You're daughter is so smart! :)