a thing

On Saturday, The Man and I make a plan to not bring in any new stuff into our house.  On Sunday, we take the boy child to his friend's birthday party at That Place with a certain clown.  Boy child was hoping they'd have sushi, which goes to show where we're at as a family.  I don't know whether to be pleased that boy child does not know the golden arches is a burger joint or embarrassed that my five year old expects sushi at a birthday party.

No sushi on the big board anyway and boy child got his meal in a box that includes a toy.  Which we had to bring home, of course.  Our first reminder, only twenty four hours into our challenge, that what we possess, possess us.  And now we have a thing here.  I don't even know what it is. 

 photo ef9b4227-ada0-4ab1-9f52-05c2fe996309.jpg

It has no eyeballs. That doesn't seem right. 

Boy child has, of course, grown unilaterally attached to it immediately.  Every time I look at the thing, it seems to be mocking me, 'You thought you were in control, you thought you could limit your stuff, but no, stuff has a free highway right into the heart of your world and you will never stop us!! HAHAHAHA!'

I admit the battle to the thing, but not yet the war. 


  1. Be strong, don't let the thing break down your defenses!

    I am currently thinking of purchasing more Popsicle molds (even though I hate them and just got rid of ours not to long ago). However, the kiddo is sick and taking longer to bounce back then I expected and I keep thinking homemade popsicles would be a great way to prevent dehydration.

    All of our good intentions...

  2. Tina,
    Just use a glass and stick a popsicle stick or a plastic spoon in it for a handle.

    I know that I will not be making getting rid of things a priority this next year. Just in case o.o

  3. What a great plan, even if it is already challenging. I say that an occasional slip up does not a resolution ruin. Better to occasionally slip up than to not try at all, yes? Mostly due to lack of funds, I've been buying much less stuff the past several months. It's such a good thing, though perhaps I should get more serious about it and adopt your resolution. We're living in a nearly 2000 sq ft house (my husband's military and it's on the base, no way I'd normally pay rent for such a big place) which is twice the size of the house we previously lived in. It's easy to forget how much stuff we have because there's so much space to store everything. :P Maybe in addition to buying nothing unnecessary we should also have a yard sale this summer... the extra dollars earned wouldn't hurt my feelings or wallet!

  4. I know what that thing is - it's from a show I don't let my daughter watch because I don't approve of it! But anyway I was committed to my stash busting for a few days but then I came across a really good deal for fabric online (it's normally very very expensive in Australia) and had to go on a. Mini buying spree and buy 25cm of each pretty one, guess I will have get back on the wagon.

  5. 1. I love your blog, you inspire me all the time.

    2. The things name is Jake. And he probably would say that. 10minute cartoons called Adventure Time you would like it.

    3. I am a minimalist too. I often say I don't want to manage stuff. Could you get ride of something in exchange of the new thing?. Boy child's pick of coarse.