White Rabbit Ruff

 photo 6b3c4944-aaa3-45d0-ab1e-e86560c51985.jpg

I will admit, this one had me a bit worried.  The hand sewing was labourious.  There were moments when I wasn't at all sure it was going to work.  But then it did.

The White Rabbit in the Alice in Wonderland production needed an Elizabethan style ruff.  Of course.  The rest of the play has a Victorian steampunk vibe to it, but I guess the Whiter Rabbit is a romantic.  I still haven't figured out exactly where the Bali dancers come in, but for me to know all is not my job.  I just sew what I am told to sew.

 photo d37bbac7-b8ac-4d3a-ab1d-3615b0b1cd7f.jpg

I used this video tutorial to help create this ruff.  Overall, I used six yards of 1.5 inch wide satin ribbon total.   

 photo 8fad006d-6a7d-459e-a78c-9d52da5acef0.jpg

I can't really imagine where I would ever wear one, but it's temping to make another in green to match my eyes.  Surely ruffs are about to come back into vogue, any day now?


  1. Okay, Charity - I've been following your costume adventures along with your blog and I have to say that you are an inspiration! It's been so much fun to see the time and love (and passion) you put into your kids' costumes. Brava! They look amazing and so different from other ones I've been seeing all over the net. Thank you for your writing, your sense of humor and sharing your talent and family escapades with us!

  2. Bring it back! I'm sure you could pull it off!

  3. Thanks LiEr, that's a pretty big compliment, I feel honoured.

    Ashley Ann, I'm not sure I can pull off grocery shopping with a ruff, but maybe for library wear?