Monster High things and Coralines - spooky little girls everywhere

Today girl child's good friend came over and we all sat around the table making paper dolls.  To expedite the process, I started to make a template for a fashion doll type creature.  While I was doing that, the girls just went ahead and made their own templates for their Monster High dolls.

 photo f80fc1d5-78ca-487f-b8c5-abb20fdd5160.jpg
I can't tell you who these characters are since I don't know anything about Monster High, nor do I want to so don't bother telling me, but I can tell you that girl child's is on the left and good friend's is on the right.

I feel I need to find some ink for my printer because it would of been nice to just scan and print rather than transferring the template by ye ol' pencil and paper method, but, ultimately it kept everyone busy and engaged for over an hour so I'm not going to complain too much.

 photo 938d3521-c550-4453-8ec9-0481597c08ac.jpg
My doodling over my paper doll template (which I'm still working on) and boy child's finished doll using the same template.
The girls discovered today that they both love Neil Gaiman's Coraline and decided to use their templates to make up a Coraline each of their own.  Though, of course, wearing different outfits.

 photo 73e76f83-b120-4728-b2de-6975b696fe03.jpg
Girl child's 'star sweater' Coraline and good friend's 'rain jacket' Coraline.

Isn't it lucky that we happen to have some brads that look like buttons?  I heard little squees when the girls discovered the button brads when they went to articulate their Coralines.

 photo fb43748c-200b-4130-b522-b4e61bda9380.jpg
Button eyed Coraline

So, now I'm staying up late tonight to finish my paper doll.  Instead of sewing, such as I should be doing for the costume committee of girl child's Alice in Wonderland play.  It opens in a couple weeks and I have several more corselets cut and needing to be assembled.  To be fair, my paper doll is actually wearing a corselet, so maybe I can count this as valuable research time.  You know, as I colour my paper doll?

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  1. Those look great! We've listened to Coraline a few times now, as well as watched the movie. Thanks for the suggestion to read it.