itty bitty goggles

I am just starting to get into the heavy bit of costume making for the production of Alice in Wonderland girl child is in.  Girl child, in case you are wondering, is a member of the chorus for several songs and dances as a seaweed.  A humble start in theatre, but she's very happy to do her bit. 

Still, I get to work on all the costumes for this steampunk Alice.  There are quite a few things planned for the next couple of weeks to work on, but I've been playing around with the steampunk aesthetic at home here, seeing what I can come up with, with whatever is laying about.  My first job has been to come up with a mini set of goggles to grace the Dormouse's small hat.

Using a couple of nuts, a ribbon and the dead batteries from a small electronic, here is girl child modelling the Dormouse's headpiece (with about the worst expression on her face possible... honestly, she's happy to help her mom out).

 photo 2a9f94e1-a0c0-4010-9379-7e1d29972d0e.jpg

And because they fit so well, the number two white rabbit, out for a ride.

 photo bfb8ef6b-d511-4eb0-bc6d-769d83ee767e.jpg

I think they fit him rather well.

 photo 6f432980-1e73-4274-8609-f0eef91d1563.jpg

Now to make a full (child) size aviator hat, nine, NINE, Victorian steampunk fascinators and several lace collars.  Somehow oysters need hats too and I think there is something about outfitting a dozen Victorian ladies tomorrow night along with a Cheshire cat costume that isn't quite yet... lots to do.


  1. what is Victorian steampunk fascinators??

  2. Fascinators in a Victorian steampunk fashion :D Little hats and feathers and what nots. I don't know what they are called specifically when you decorate half a bra cup to within an inch of its life and then pin it to someone's head.