corselet number one

There are few pleasures in life less complicated and more gracious than a line of well behaved gathers slipping evenly under a presser foot.

 photo 81af2258-8546-4182-956b-0357759fd8a6.jpg

I am in the midst of making the first of many corselet with bustle from this pattern:

 photo a5a80b3d-2ce1-4c82-80f0-d3ca7ef48100.jpg

I think we will need a four or five corselets to grace the hips of Victorian Alice in Wonderland characters before I'm done.  And girl child will want one of her own to wear around the house.  I might also.  They do a fabulous job of hiding the whole midriff area and creating the illusion of a narrower waist.  I can see me wearing a corselet with a t-shirt and yoga pants.  Perfect for the school run and grocery shopping.

 photo 6788644c-b68f-4be3-a78a-f8587a3ca421.jpg

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