two tall dolls

 photo b61ccccf-3847-45c6-8462-a532cc11a593.jpg

I am stepping out for a few days for a wee trip to the west coast, but before I go, I would like to share some pictures of a couple tall dolls I have finished. 

I've been told the blond one puts people in mind of girl child. 

 photo 0d54ddae-4653-4f85-9296-e156eb80bf2f.jpg

I can't see it really.  Girl child's hair is never this neat.

 photo 3c2339a7-73ca-42ea-8129-f430f1a4d71d.jpg

The white haired one wins the creepy prize.  She's a bit of an experiment and puts me in mind of a Victorian animagnus. 

 photo 7b42f929-7f5e-491e-9555-ef2511ef1a68.jpg

 photo 3dec7565-fda5-4d05-9279-e380643abc35.jpg

 photo 393499f6-8766-4fcb-b22a-723e30f62f22.jpg

I have some plans for another doll design when I get back from the coast.  Until then...


  1. Nice work! I love their outfits. Maybe I should make myself a creepy-doll dress! :D

  2. Wow, how did you do the hair? Is there a tutorial?

  3. Great dolls! Hope you enjoy your trip west.

  4. your dolls are fab! great details, so fun!