purple roving haired doll... should she have a name?

I have just had a whole weekend with The Man without our children, which translated into time reading, hiking, kayaking, bicycling, coffeeing, book store browsing, openly eating junk food, watching Orange is the New Black and doll making.  It's AMAZING how much time there is in a day when there is no kids around to occupy ever available moment.

I actually have five dolls in various stages of production but I did managed to almost be finished one so I thought I would show you her.  Actually, there are six dolls, but I sort of accidentally cut the leg off one at the knee while turning her (don't ask how, I can't actually explain what I did) and until I find some sort of prosthetic device she's on the back burner.  I can't even stuff her, all the polyfil runs out the bottom of her leg.  Sad, really.  But, because I really arrghed her up, she'll probably end up being my first pirate doll, so there's that. 

I am calling this one the purple roving haired doll.  That seems a bit awkward to me though it is functional.  Should I be giving names to the dolls I'm making?  I think that might be presumptuous, considering they'll all be finding new homes later on this month through my roller derby league.  Their permanent people can name them.  Still, purple roving haired doll is a bit clunky...

Speaking of which, the roving is crazy thick and I'm still trying to figure out exactly how I should style it.  Suggestions welcome.

 photo a9d2538a-790c-47fd-b4e9-071699aa1fb4.jpg

Her eyes are a wee bit different.  So are her eyebrows, coming to look at her in this light... hmmm... might have to pull out the paint kit again.

 photo f4a4711c-2a33-4a5d-85d7-6ca4597d8b96.jpg

I do adore her front button - vintage Aunt Adelaine again.

I am going to make her a little pair of roller skates to fit but I thought she might appreciate a little pair of Mary Janes while she's not wearing skates.

 photo 7f29ad09-8d82-4caa-88ea-ed26acd3bee1.jpg

This doll ended up being fifteen inches tall.  I couldn't find any of my previous patterns so I just sort of drew one up and I'm pleased with the way she came together.  The dresses I've made for the subsequent dolls have become rather elaborate.  I will show you them as I finish them up.


  1. Super cute! You could just name them all according to their hair color for now, Purple Derby Girl, etc.

    She came out really great. I can't wait to see the pirate doll!

  2. I love her just the way she is!!