strange things are afoot at the Circle-K

Years ago, The Man made a polymer clay marionette of himself.  The reason why is still a little bit vague, but it was kind of neat.

A few years after that, I posted a picture of The Man's mini me on Craftster.  This was the extent of the marionette's usefulness.  Honestly, what do you do with a tiny little husband that doesn't respond any better when you pull his cords than the full size real life one?

Husband puppet has spent a lot of time in storage this past decade.

More recently the kids have resurfaced the marionette and ended up hopelessly entangling him up in his own strings. 

 photo bd63d423-ba06-49bd-a80e-3efd4b5af77f.jpg

I did consider restringing him but then I had a better idea.

Encasing him in glass.

Cutting his strings down to about four inches long, The Man marionette went quite nicely into a 4" by 6" shadowbox.  I used the strings to pull The Man into this clever air guitar stance and secured the strings to the back with tape. 

Every time I look at him I can't help but picture Bill and Ted's air guitars (goofy handed, of course). 

 photo 25db1f63-215e-49dc-a6b2-9fef74cad054.jpg

He now hangs (strums) on the wall behind our kitchen table, right behind The Man's left shoulder.  I think he adds an air of levity to our dinner conversation.  Whenever The Man is sternly reminding the kids to eat their veggie or otherwise exerting his authority, I can see the kids' eyes flicking towards their Air Guitar Daddy.  I hope they're thinking that they can't help but respect a man who has a puppet of himself playing air guitar.  Because that's what I'd be thinking if I hadn't already gone to "Sixty-nine, dudes! (Extended air guitar solo!)"

Perhaps, just to change it up a bit, I will put a little skull in his hand and change him Declaiming Hamlet Daddy instead.  Or have him do Gangnam Style like I did with my girl Timber's doll?

It's all about respect, dudes.

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