cinderella borrowed a book

The question on how the use of public libraries benefits writers has come up here a few times now.  Just as a general summary from previous discussions, libraries themselves represent a sizable portion of the book buying market.  Public libraries often buy multiple copies of popular books and the number of users for any single book can be surprisingly few before the book is too damaged or worn to use and the library must purchase another copy (something only like twenty to thirty borrowers is what I read).

One of the things I really like about my library is that they've rarely been unable to deliver my interlibrary loan requests, the processes where I request my library finds and brings me a copy of a book that they do not have any holdings for.  If the book I want is not held by an of the participating libraries in their network, and, I suppose, it seems reasonable, they purchase a copy themselves.  And then I get to be the first borrower. I can't over emphasize how thrilling that is.

Here is such a case.  I ran across this small publication in a blog I follow and put in an interlibrary loan request.  Apparently there were no holdings anywhere because, a few months later, my library has its very own copy. 

Look, first borrower shininess:

 photo e10a3e84-fcb1-4d83-94f4-9b3188a44b10.jpg

Plus an illustrated snake that happens to adorn my wall.  Just because.

This slim volume contains charmingly gothic illustrations and dozens of droll variations on Cinderella skipping rhyme that was popular when I was a child:

Cinderella dressed in yella
Went downstairs to kiss her fella
Made a mistake, kissed a snake
How many doctors did it take?

The end of the rhyme prompted the skipper to turn the rope double time, counting until a skip was missed.

Turns out it is really fun to make up your own versions of this rhyme.  Here is girl child's very own first complete version:

Cinderella dress in dough
Went downstairs to vanquish a foe
Made a mistake, hit the prince with a rake
How many doctors did it take?

If you're wondering about the dough, we happen to be making cookies at the time.  Not a good excuse but an explanation at least.

For the past week, girl child and I have been speaking to each other in Cinderella verse:

Cinderella dressed at last
Come to the table and eat your breakfast

or, from girl child:

Cinderella, clothes covered in nits
Can I just stay up ten more minutes?

Sad to say, even clever children don't get later bedtimes around here.

Cinderella dressed in red
Get your butt into bed!

I highly recommend putting a request into your library if it doesn't already hold Cabinet des Fées' Cinderella Jump Rope Rhymes.

Cinderella requested a book
How many months did it took? 
Apologies, that one was, as girl child would say, 'awkk-wardd'.  

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