Rapunzel. Is. Done.

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Two hours a performance.  Eleven performances.  Ten days... all done.

Thirty peasants, six children of the gentry, five witchy fashion statements, four sweetie birds, one tubby little king... all done.

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I had a moment early in the morning midweek while helping girl child prepare for that day's double shows for school children when I yelled out, 'Nobody should have to have to braid show hair at seven thirty in the morning!'

Truly, if the birds are singing their dawn chorus, one's fingers are more like fat, clumsy sausages than graceful braiding tools.  Stage hair and make up is a cruel task.

But now, four full day rehearsals and seven performance days worth of painful French braid learning experiences... all done.

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Costumes have been collected, sorted, and stored back in the vault.

The emergency of live theatre... all done.

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For now.

With the last four performances being completely sold out, I think this one went off rather well.

Deep collective breath...done.

But then, Alice in Wonderland in the fall...  Wonder what song girl child will want to use as an audition piece?

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Not so done...

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  1. Such a pretty little girl ..... I will be able to say, "I knew her when...." So glad it all went well. Wish I could have seen it.

    Rest and roll!